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Slot Magazine

Slot Magazine

First issue of Slot Magazine out soon!

Slot Magazine, the all-new slot racing magazine is out this month.  The magazine is aimed at all levels of Scalextric and slot racing enthusiasts covering all the latest releases, advice on buying your first set, and making the most of your cars. 

There is advice on planning and building a home layout including adding scenery – right through to going racing at your local club.

Slot Cover 001Visit the Slot Magazine website for more information, to find a local stockist or to subscribe.

You will also be able to find Slot Magazine on the Apple App store or Google Play for your electronic devices or you can read on your PC at

Slot Ipad2






In issue 1…

  • Scalextric Fast and Furious test plus a chance to win a set!
  • Report from Slot Festival – the world’s biggest slot racing show.
  • Top Twenty Products not to be missed.
  • Building a scenic layout
  • How-to guides to gear maintenance and building your first kit
  • Plus much more…

Slot magazine is an independent magazine published six times a year. 

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