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Spare and Replacement Parts

Spare and Replacement Parts

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Spare or replacement parts can be identified using our Service Sheets.

Go to the Service Sheet area, look for the car name and open the PDF service sheet file. Identify the correct car C reference number column and cross reference the part you need from the graphic image to the part number grid.

If the part you require is not available through our website, contact a specialist Scalextric Service Dealer using the Stockists & Distributors page.

Please note that not every Scalextric retailer stocks spare parts. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Care team.

Find and Download Service Sheets

Simply enter your query and press enter to search the website.

To search for an exact phrase put double quotes around the words. For example, the search "Dodge Charger" will only return results that include both of these words together.

To exclude a word from your search add a minus sign immediately before the word to be excluded. For example, the search Ford -Focus will return all items with Ford in the title or description but excluding any that include the word Focus.

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