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Retro-Fit Digital Chip A - Single Seater Type

The in-car microprocessor module allows the conversion of a standard Scalextric car to work on Scalextric Digital layouts.

Most Scalextric cars, from 1957 to current date, can be converted to digital operation. The conversion requires hobbyist skills and some tools including a soldering iron.

For Digital Plug Ready Cars (DPR) use C8515 EasyFit Digital Plug or C8516 F1 EasyFit Digital Plug.

Tech Specs

  • Age Suitability: 7+

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There used to be retro fit chip for saloon / rally cars but I cant find it. Do we now use the C7005 F1 version. Will it fit OK / is it universal? Steve

Posted by Steve Heath on 30th Oct 2016

The saloon chip was discontinued a while back. The retro chips (both "F1" and saloon) are universal in function and thanks to the F1 chip being the smallest size in the industry can be put into many more cars than other brands.


Posted by on 6th Nov 2015

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make Micro Scalextric Digital

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What are the max recommended rpm limits for these chips

Posted by on 4th Nov 2015

We do not recommend using any Scalextric motor above 18k RPM with these chips

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Safety Notice

This product is not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts which can present a choking hazard. Some components have functional sharp edges. Handle with care. This product is intended for indoor use only. Please refer to safety notes in the main set instruction leaflet. Colours and contents may vary from those illustrated. Made in China. Retain these detail, and the address for future reference.

Further Details

Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated

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