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SThe 2017 Scalextric Range Launch!


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It’s here! The day many of you have been waiting for, the Scalextric 2017 Range has been revealed! Whilst you’ll see all the models we’ve discussed and announced already, including those in Test Track, the range is now laid out for all to see.


Be sure to let us know what you think as we look forward to another great year!

How pleased am I to see the Stratos twin pack? Pre-order placed, can't wait til the Autumn!!! Laughing

I'm also very pleased that Scalextric is going to produce the 1976 Lancia Stratos, although I wonder if a bit more information can be given about the liveries? Can we assume that the cars will be the Munari/Waldegard ones (i.e. Alitalia livery) or for the sake of difference will Scalextric produce the Bernard Darniche one as a contrast to the Alitalia one?


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Looking forward to the Ford GT GTE 2016 cars! (and, of course, ARC Pro ;)


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Really looking forward to the new GT Fords and Mercedes, also to the E-Type and really surprised to see the Lancia Stratos! All are must haves ;)

Some nice new liveries to look forward to too

I'm also really pleased to see that Scalextric seem to have stopped putting those awful blacked windows in regular cars and calling them super resistant. It was so frustrating to see a car I wanted that had black windows as we only race cars that have an interior.

I was really hoping that C3773A James Bond Spectre Twinset (which was deleted from the 2016 range) would have been reinstated, I have the Aston Martin DB10 on my desk at work but was holding out hope for a fully detailed version to put on the track


 Love the sixtieth anniversary ideas. Would be great if there was a way to pre-order the set in one go - perhaps with them shipped at once to save a little (or some small discount?)


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When will we see pictures for the anniversary cars other than the Bentley? Won't be placing pre-orders until I have seen what they look like....budget could be spent elsewhere by the time they are released...


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Well, I'm new to this community and signed up just to say how disappointed I am with Scalextrics' decision to make the long awaited AMC Javelin Trans Am to have a inline motor configuration.

Why would they do that? Everyone knows that has been in this hobby inline and sidewinder configurations are not equal and for this car to have a inline when all others they have produced in the Trans Am series have been sidewinder, I question their reasoning.

I know they announced a PRC chassis that will accept slot it pods (which will NOT be produced this year at least) Scalextric decides to drop it from their releases for 2017! What are they thinking, I for one will think long and hard before investing another dime in their slot cars.

I also noticed that the Tech section for this car does not even say it's inline or sidewinder did they not want us to know, were they hiding that fact? Seems like it, they mention it has rear lights (big deal) as far as I know that's a first, magntraction, bla bla bla, no mention about inline though. Whoever made the decision for inline I hope is fired. I'd be willing to bet I'm not alone waiting for so many years for another Trans Am car to race against what seems to be hunderds of Mustang and Camaro's and finally we get the Javelin and it's not compatible. Someone really blew it. Then to add insult to injury, Scalextric makes the decision to cancel the PRC chassis for it. WOW

That's it I'm outta here



Andy P.

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The inliner decision was documented here:


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