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SArc air 1 lane causing short


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Hello again, and thanks in advance. Another issue from an inexperienced user, hopefully this will be straight foward but my last issue was sorted by customer services as was a faulty part.

thank you in advance woodcote, you seem to be very active and helpful so hopefully you will see this post soon.

as title says lane 1 on arc air is shorthing the track out. 

i have set up a reasonable sized track in the living room, nothing to stupid, lane 2 works fine and lane 1 causes short. Tried different cars on lane 1, same thing, I have 3 cars but all work on lane 2,have also re paired controllers to eliminate that issue, I.e controller 1 paired to lane 2 and all works ok. Issue is with lane 1. Controller 2 to lane 1 causes short

Subsequently made a small oval track, 4 90degree 1 straight, 1 base station to eliminate bad track or connections, same thing happens on small track, again have re done controllers and different cars with same results.

main track is made up on carpet but made oval on the table to eliminate static.

i really hope someone can help, this has not been the most reliable of starts to me and my sons scalextric entry, 1 duff car after 30 mins now after setting it up just for a 4th time it’s not working again. This was supposed to be fun. 

thanks again


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Hi Hothatch. If you separate the powerbase from the rest of the track and power it up with the throttle, does it short on lane 1? If it does, turn it upside down, give it a good shake & blow hard into the lane 1 slot. If there’s something that’s fallen in there causing a short circuit, that should clear it.


Let us know how you get on.

Andy Player


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Hello. You don’t haof get about.


thanks for response though.


so just having brace station plugged in pul trigger for lane 1 it goes from amber to red, then looks like it turns of, goes green quickly, then to orange then red, then off. 


controller also seems to turn of if trigger is held then re connects, causes short and cycles again.


game It a good shake and a blow and nothing has changed.


Thanks for response again. 

Andy P.

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Hi There,

It is a bit difficult to understand exactly but if the powerbase light turns to red by simply pulling the trigger when no car is on the track then there is a short in the powerbase.

I suggest contacting where you bought it and Scalextric Customer care to the right...


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Hi Andy P.


iv been in touch with customer support, they are sending me out a replacement. I must say that the customer service team have been fantastic. I just hope the replacements last A little longer. I hope I’ve just been unlucky with both a bad car and arc air.


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Was all going so well but they sent me a standard power base station not an arc air replacement. Will await there reply.

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