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SARC Pro - limitations on track layouts


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Users of ARC Pro have found that some track layouts that worked with the older 6 car digital advanced powerbase (APB) C7042 cannot be used with ARC Pro. All of those limitations stem from the fact that the ARC Pro powerbase needs to have a layout where there are always two lanes that are powered independantly. Each of those lanes can be split to power more lanes but can never be combined back in a way that combines the powerbase lane 1 and 2 electrically.


The straight lane lane changers have dead zones where the lanes cross that keep the lanes electrically seperate. - Just so you know!


Curved lane changers that were modified to work when used in analogue mode will no longer work at all without major surgery because the mod left the change lane (not used in analogue mode) with power to each rail from different lanes. It would now need power to both rails from just one lane requiring the rails to be cut and a dead zone introduced.


Pit lanes generally need to be used in the designed order but nesting i.e. two pitlane entry pieces followed by two exit pieces will not be a problem because all the pit lanes are powered from the first entry lane.


Single lane chicanes on the two main lanes created by reversing the pit lane pieces will not work. 


Analogue Crossover tracks (Not the crossroads) must be in pairs.


Power booster cables must be used strictly in the same way as you would for Analogue circuits.


Any other track pieces that cannot be used with ARC Pro, please post info on them. e.g. I think Gorp may have identified a particular lap counter that cannot be used so the part No would be welcome.  The only purpose of this thread to provide guidance on what scalexctric parts or arrangements will not work in ARC Pro only.


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Thanks - seems some pretty big limitations - will definintely be sticking with the 6 car powerbase and 3rd party RMS. I would have hoped that new development would have provided greater choice rather than limiting it...


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if you are already using rms with apb that means you are an enthusiast already invested in a system that can run analog and can convert to wireless controllers and large display screens, basicly a 1 % er,  so why are you really here ?


the other 99 % will like arc pro and will not have problems with its limitations


personally found pbpro-sh with glad to be superior to apb and even pb4 with glad to be more fun



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Gorp, you're right - I am an enthusiast. Whether 1% or not, I'm here because my apb will not last forever and at some point I won't be able to get more, so I'm interested in what the future beholds for digital. Seems a shame that the flexibility of the apb is not being maintained. I am also interested in what the benefits of the new arc pro are over my existing set up - through reading the various threads I am not seeing any, but would have a keen ear to hear if there are any and what they might be.

Glad I looked at the forums for the Arc Pro.  Currently i have the 6 car base, Pit Lane Game modded for use with SSDC.  Although it's been fun I have found it took more time to set up (large parties, lots of cars, and stuff) as well as some intermittent issues.  So, my question.

I'm switching to the Arc Pro.  I do have chicanes that are merged down to a single lane, thus, that will have to change if I understand correctly?  What about my pit lane?  I have a pit lane, Pit Lane game(modded), and SSDC.  I'm moving on from SSDC to the Arc Pro, what pieces do i keep or not keep?  I see videos of cars going into pits but nothing that really helps us "longer time users" convert our myriad of older products (what we keep and what gets trashed).

Regardng the chicane, just to make sure I understand. My pit lane is a single lane, but is a branch from one of the main lanes.  My old chicane would merge both main lanes down to one(i.e. no passing zones) and that is no longer supported?  Did I finally get it? Do I understand it?  Also, I have sections of track that expand 2 lanes out to 6 (long oval) for some side by side racing of all six cars and then merge it back to 2 lanes.  Is that still doable?

I never race in analog mode, only digital, so all my track is digital.  I do have "booster" power cables coming from my 6-car base track piece to other parts of the track to help "weakened" parts(it's a BIG track) and I also have two power plugs for the base.  I take it those "booster" cables can remain in place?


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boosters will have to be checked to see which actual lane they are connected to

otherwise you understand current situation pretty well - maintain 2 separate main lines at all times

personally found arc pro to be godsent after advanced powerbase headache

Another track piece that bridges the lanes that you cannot have in a circuit with ARC-Pro - C7039 digital lap counter

Incidentally the XLCs were designed to have a bridge, that is what the end cover is for, I was told it was missed in error. Lucky error!


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yo Riko , glad to see you here but the 4-6 car digital lap counter was mentioned as problem while back

many people with pb4 would have one so arc pro would be problem for them if they chose it over using app

my 4-6 is used with arc pro via glad off track

nice story about straight duals but real question then is would arc pro be designed the way it is now if xlc did not have error in design ?


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but believe the answer goes 15 years back to beginning of scaly digital when manufacturing of curved changers required the rail bends installed that cause the problem today


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i got confused now,

my track is powered by the 7042 now, i use the analogue and the digital mode,

both are working just fine now.,  i doubled all crossover turns and made the surgical cuts on the lanechangers turns and straights.

My power booster cables are all applied in such a way that the analogue mode has no short circuit...

the pitlane comes back to the same lane as it started with....

Will the ARC PRO work or still not ?

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