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SCar lubricating

I tried searching and didn't find anything. Online I have found a hundred opinions and more. So many I'm not sure what to do.

So some questions:

Is there one lube that will serve for all of the car, if so what is it? 

If not what lubes do I need? Links to buy it specifics appreciated.

What do I lubricate? Exactly what, where, and how much it what?

Does the car manufacturer matter? If so, how?

Lube the motor or don't lube the motor? What lube? How much? Where do I get it?



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Hi Michael. You’re right, there are loads of options and plenty of recommendations for products out there. Here are a few articles to look at:


Basic Scalextric maintenance tips: https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/support/car-maintenance


More advanced Scalextric tips: https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/scalextric-tuning-tips


A nice overview of Scalextric maintenance using Pendle Slot Racing products: https://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/blog/cat/technical/post/slot-car-maintenance/


I like the Pendle products and also used sewing machine oil for many years. I now use Super Lube Oil which comes in a 7g oiler and is a little thicker than normal oils and stays where you want it - gears & bushings. If I’m preparing a car for racing, I very lightly lube the motor bearings when I run in the motor. When I lube, I am not over generous. I think little & often is better than leaving an oil slick on the track...


I hope that helps.


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you can also use choo choo oil since they have be around longer with same needs as toy cars


just never glue your tires on because someday you or someone else will need to replace them


 there are really many solutions for the same problem so opinions on line are what works for different people.

have seen solutions that are announced and repeated by many as gospel completely reversed in 6 monthes.

slots are fun so try enjoying it


Andy P.

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I mildly agree with gorp about gluing tires. I read somewhere but have not been able to find it but I think someone even suggested using hairspray as it adheres enough to be easily removed later.

One option is to use aluminum wheels. You can glue the tires to them and then remove them but dropping them in boiling water.

Regarding motor lube: Hold the motor vertically (shaft perpendicular to the ground) . Put one small drop on the end of the shaft where the it come out of the motor case  while it is running at a low speed (you can use a 9 volt battery or a plug in wall dimmer to lower the power). Turn the motor over and repeat. Let the motor run for a few seconds in the horizontal position.


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Andy, you must like those 9 volt batteries.

Personally never use them unless checking if motor works and never when oiling.

Andy P.

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As I said it is only if you have no other options

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