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SDear DR C - challenger project


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Since unable to post at slotforum, thought should try here to communicate.


As one of the few that were able to succesfully digitize the challenger way back when,

believe you need to know the following.

It was necessary to push the challenger through the straight dual changers when memorizing the track.

Since a lane change to a longer or shorter lane, the memory would be thrown off.

To overcome this, 1 curved crossover was inserted to create a double length lane to be memorized for practice against the human, although using 2 magnets and shorter races to overcome the actual distance change would work too.

Now of course, 1 curved changer would not allow the use of a stock arc pro, since it is unlike previous powerbases, thus it requires the slotforum digital only mod.

Yes the stock challenger would beat me originally in analog and later after its  mod, in both digital and in analog still.

However in the end, found it was a lot quicker and easier to practice by just rubberbanding the controller for any digital toy, which would make the stock arc pro acceptable again, of course without using 1 curved crossover, than use the digital challenger and obviously helped to increase my chance of beating it.


Merry Christmas







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Hey thanks gorp for the very kind festive wishes - which I really appreciate :)

Hope you have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday season with family, friends and... some slot racing too...

On the subject of challenger will keep your experience and advice in mind as the challenger project develops... thanks for this...



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Hi all,


Having tested my modified challenger and used it in conjunction with the ARC PRO I am pleased to report I am getting nice results... Thanks to gorp too for alerting me to potential issues to look out for. That said, non of the issues reported above appear to be a problem except one little detail...


When first putting he modified challenger car onto the track it drives ialong in a creeper mode until it detects the start position magnet. I need to make sure there are no digital lane changers between where I place the car on the track and the location of the start position magnet. At creeper speed the challenger loses power as it slowly traverses any digital lane changer. This of course can be easily avoided.


Relevant findings:


1/ In layout learning/calibration mode the modified challenger traverses the lane changers without problem.


2/ Also, in race mode the modified challenger traverses the lane changers without problem.


3/ The modified challenger straightens lane changers as it traverses... as required.


4/ The modified challenger counts laps on the ARC app... both in digital and analog modes.


As described on my slotforum thread (modification level 1) , the approach I am using includes a strobe module which signals to keep lane changers straight. This approach requires that a car driving through all lane changers straight will arrive back at the same starting point.


The modifications involved create faster challenge cars than the standard pacer cars... and you can (in theory) race against five of them...




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You must be proposing to use any slotcar for conversion to a C Mod Challenger, because the original black and silver appear to be rare.

A search of ebay , worldwide, for last 3 months, turned up zero.

Besides the toy , you will probably need a tower like system for its operation.

It is apparent that if you keep after this problem, you will figure out a solution.

Unfortunately for me, have not the skills that you process, so will just use a rubberband here.

Good luck,




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Hi gorp...


Thanks again... yes I have been modifying the silver/black challenger cars (C8157/9) so they run with my digital ARC PRO powered track. And, again yes, I currently use the tower which came with the challenger car to set the car/s racing. In addition, I am planning a further modification so that the track signals are used to start the challenger car/s, thereby eliminating the need for the tower. 


Also... I agree it would be nice to transfer the design across to standard Scalextric cars. I love the fact that Scalextric technology is great fun for racing and, also, great fun as a platform to learn and to share knowledge about electronics :)


Enjoy the racing... and thank you so much for sharing insights and interest in self-driving Scalextric cars...




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Oh forgot to say that have never used the controller plugs.

Just set top speed with controller on full, then rubberbanded it to set lower speed and adjusted from that.


BTW the racing was fun again.


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Hi gorp, thanks for that... it you could use throttle controllers in digital mode, you must have powered the challenger electronics from the motor output of a SSD decoder. I have done something slightly different, I have powered the challenger electronics via a simle bridge rectifier circuit with smoothing capacitor. I have then added a separate microcontroller to generate the car ID/LC strobe. This explains, perhaps, why I am not seeng the kinds of issues you reported.




The full project for anyone interested is on the sf forum... link below...




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Installed a digital chip in the challenger.

Ran with rubberbanded digital controller.

Had a magnet under both lanes.

It was simple, time consuming, and expensive.


Ran a digital with rubberbanded digital controller yesterday.

It beat me first 2 times.

Adjusted the band to slow it down.

Finally won, by half a meter.

Simpler, quicker, and almost free.


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Hi gorp, I am a bit puzzled by your observations that a pace car (with fixed throttle setting) beats a skilled human driver who can speed up on straights and slow down (by just the right amount) for the corners...

I guess the situation you describe might apply to a very small oval track that is mainly curves... i.e. fastest lap speed is close to max cornering speed. It certainly would not apply to a larger circuit with long straights and a range of curves of different radii including R1 hairpins... this more advanced raceway configuration is my target...

Anyway, I am happy to respect that our opinions differ on this subject... and it is always good to listen, assess and learn from others :)

Thanks for encouraging me to contribute here.



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You guessed it C.

Small 7 meter test track with r2 and r1s, that can reach across , using a now terrible racer, me.

Days of 30 meter , 6 dual lane changers and racing pit lanes, on 3+ digital lanes here are long gone.

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