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SNew Track Piece Request - Turnouts

Any model railroader knows about the Turnouts, it's a straight track with a switchable guide (can be mechanical or electrical) that also allows the train to exit into a turn.  It's a way to expand layouts and have multiple paths.


For slot cars, I just finished my high speed oval track however there are times when more serious racers are present and I have an inner road course inside the high speed oval.  Right now I have to detach/move/re-attach a few pieces to swap between the two race tracks.

If I had a turnout, then I wouldn't need to take anything apart and just set the guide rails to either have the cars continue straight through or have them exit into the road course.  To add a bit of realism, when the cars are redirected onto the road course I can put up some guard rails or similar on the straight piece, just like they do are real race tracks.

Seems the image isn't working..... here it is:


Andy P.

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Community Moderator

Those existed in the past, for example on the analog pit entry.

The technology is largely the same as for digital lane changers.

I am sure someone will come up with something some day..


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What is wrong with using a pit lane piece to exit/enter your alternate route?

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

What is wrong with using a pit lane piece to exit/enter your alternate route?

I am not sure I follow you...


What is wrong with using a pit lane piece to exit/enter your alternate route?

Exactly what i was thinking :)

It only takes a little room to have miles of FUN


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I think what Chris is asking for is a piece that is manually switched - so when open, all cars go into the infield road course. When closed, all cars go straight round the oval. It is not controlled by the lane change button/ car chip. Something like the old Classic pit lane entry perhaps?

Andy Player

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