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Other than junked dpr cars,  you might need to subsitute other connectors for it and the male.


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Must have been too early to ask before Christmas.

What about now , since next year is only a couple days away , when is the 2019 line going to be announced ?


Why you ask ?

Might see something really like and need more time to build up the piggy bank.




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You must be proposing to use any slotcar for conversion to a C Mod Challenger, because the original black and silver appear to be rare.

A search of ebay , worldwide, for last 3 months, turned up zero.

Besides the toy , you will probably need a tower like system for its operation.

It is apparent that if you keep after this problem, you will figure out a solution.

Unfortunately for me, have not the skills that you process, so will just use a rubberband here.

Good luck,




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The question of if and when scaly corrects the arc pro was reason behind my question if anyone with a sunset speedway (?) had the same problem as the original.

Believe Mr Flippant confirmed the disappointing no change with arc pro.



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The guide plate comes off often (and messes up the braids) when you pull a slotcar backwards.

Then it can land on the rails causing the powerbase to fault off and then need resetting to play again.

Spent boxing day explaining to younger racers to not pull the toys backwards but kids do get excited.


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There is another issue involved with standard can vs bike motor.

The standard can has stronger and larger gears and axles.

After continuing to buy replacement parts for the fragile bike toys, decided not to buy any more with the FF installed.

All else being equal, would choose sidewinder for racing over inline.


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Since unable to post at slotforum, thought should try here to communicate.


As one of the few that were able to succesfully digitize the challenger way back when,

believe you need to know the following.

It was necessary to push the challenger through the straight dual changers when memorizing the track.

Since a lane change to a longer or shorter lane, the memory would be thrown off.

To overcome this, 1 curved crossover was inserted to create a double length lane to be memorized for practice against the human, although using 2 magnets and shorter races to overcome the actual distance change would work too.

Now of course, 1 curved changer would not allow the use of a stock arc pro, since it is unlike previous powerbases, thus it requires the slotforum digital only mod.

Yes the stock challenger would beat me originally in analog and later after its  mod, in both digital and in analog still.

However in the end, found it was a lot quicker and easier to practice by just rubberbanding the controller for any digital toy, which would make the stock arc pro acceptable again, of course without using 1 curved crossover, than use the digital challenger and obviously helped to increase my chance of beating it.


Merry Christmas







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Here after discussion several years ago with scaly rep, do not mix original dual straight changers with revised changers usable with slotit O2.


Layouts are checked with yard sticks to maintain proper distances between and straightness which helps conductivity.

Track and cars must be properly assembled and maintained.



Be aware of total power requirements of changers, cars, chips, and powerbase / lap counter.

Some separately power changers - see slot forum for this power saver. 


The arc pro has digital power running in two, not one direction.

This reduces number of designs and track pieces that can be used.

Correction mod is found on slot forum.


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Slot cars are toys.

They are not real cars.

They run on the 2 rear tires and the front guide.

The front tires are there for appearance and corner tipping balance.


The guide keeps the slot car in the slot.

The depth helps on cornering and acceleration.

It is also used for lap counting.


The occasional complaint is a toy designed with the guide too high.

Then owners purchase deeper guides.

Believe you need to replace your now shallow filed guides.





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When will the 2019 toys be announced ?


Picked up a couple this month that have waited for since Jan 18.

Both are sw and only 1 is dpr.

Hope scaly announces a repop for 19 of the most logical racing companion of that era for them,  which is also happens to be sw dpr.


They are getting harder to find - hint hint.


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