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Never even noticed stock digital handling being a problem.

People have always complained before about digital toys always rolling on analog but just learned how to use it when racing old style.


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If you want a scaly arc pro digital only track that will run any design you can throw at it,

 then go to Slot Forum for "the" mod, its pinned at the top section by Riko,

that will convert the stock 2 opposite power digital lanes into one direction and then problem will be solved.


It will not run analog correctly however afterwards and requires you to solder twice.


You will not have to modify the curve changers either.


Mod will void your warranty but is the best fix I know of for arc pro, if you really want to run digital.


Bought a used fire 7 from amazon this year and works great with arc pro.


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2 -  the pitlanes and the lane changing ( x and curved ) will not function with analog power

but the analog cars will run on the these digital track pieces under analog

however the older curves must be lane separated (snip snip) - see slot forum for where to clip

while the x changers are already power separated


5 - the arc pro handles power differently than previous advanced power base (and all previous digital only bases) which used wired controllers

and ran digital toys nicely on analog as do all standard analog power bases

slot forum has the mod that makes the arc pro a digital wonder just like the advanced

but that really ruins its use for analog

here use my sf mod arc pro and replace it with a standard analog powerbase when needed

there are other more difficult and expensive ways around the analog problem if you cannot easily change track


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if you remove power from the red lane on one and the green lane on the other

you can have 2 different controller locations for analog

and powerpack per lane


not sure if it would work as well if using arc air

because you would probably want to use tablet or phone for lap counting

but if red and green lanes are power separately,  1 tablet may be able to handle 2 powerbases


of course you can also use a standard analog lap counter in place of a tablet

so no need for lane power separation


personally would not stick 2nd powerbase in just to add a full straight to track

instead would acquire a pair of 1/2s


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was not questioning their current analog value

guess we will know product's future soon enough


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I really hope you are correct but ...


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rechecked this C and found on pg 16 of arc pro guide ( which only covers the digital side) , it says to use lane 1

rechecked arc air guide and it too calls for lane 1


the reason this may be relevant was because problem concerned why set up was not working when using lane 2 for it or thats what thought was problem asked about


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apparently am correct then, that only lane 1 (closest to powerbase) can be used for calibration of cars on arc air and pro


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Since scaly is apparently becoming smaller and leaner, has the arc one and/or air been eliminated from future sets and thus only leaving the arc pro for digital and more advanced analog racers ?


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Have never lost a can due to magnets.

Now use less or none like way back in the dark ages.


But this discussion only applies to analog only.

Advise never using more magnet than stock when running digital.

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