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ARC Pro short with pit lane need help!!

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Andy I need help Tony @ Scalextric has no idea what the problem could be,  he suggested searching the forms ibe been looking for the past 3 to 4 hours unable to find my topic of fix.   I got a brand new Arc pro bace and added it to my digital track one platinum kit and one large F1 kit all worked well tell I added the arc base!  Then I found out I had a mod one of my corner tchangers to fix the short problem, the problem is now fixed .

    The new problem at hand that nobody seems to be able to figure out Is simple pit lanes I add one to just the base and it shorts out, I add the exit part of the pit lane it shorts out,  I then tried another ARC Pro bace just to have the same problem now I’m thinking I have a bad pit lane so I try my other lane and have the same problem.  In the troubleshooting stages I then put back both right and left pit lanes with my four lanes of track and installed the original  Digital GT platinum 4 Lane digital base and it all works perfect everything works on lane changes and record laps with no short !!!      Seam to me the ARC as a problem from what I can  troubleshoot with the tools I have.

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