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Gorp, Thank you for your input! I like your idea of keeping some analog lanes. If we still go four lanes and make two digital lanes for our digital races, would it be possible to use all four lanes for analog races?

Really amazing info woodcote, thank you for spending so much time on this! Now we got a lot to think about. Our track has just been dismantled to be moved to a new location so the time to make all the changes are when we will start to set it up again probably late May. We can use a 7x7,5 meter area in our new location for building the track. As we haven't really tested digital racing yet maybe we should take a trip to Worthing and test it out before we get to deep into our track design. Btw, is there a good track layout program to be found? I haven't manage to find one that works well so I have been drawing all different track pieces in PowerPoint and started to make a puzzle.


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Thank you Andy and Woodcote for your thoughtful comments and info! Very helpful! We are obviously not ready with our thinking process yet so all ideas are welcome. We don't want to use more than six cars in one race and are probably a bit brain washed because of existing 6 lane analog thinking that going down to four lanes makes it "smaller" if you know what I mean. My own reason on why I was thinking four lanes is that you can choose different lanes/curve strategy as its bigger differences on speed with four lanes in the curves than with just two.

If we go two lanes would you say that there is any advantage in using three or four lanes at some place/places on the track?

How often would you recommend to have lane changing?

Really appreciate your input on this!

Thanks, Lars


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Hi, couldnt find the topic I´m looking for so I add this one.


We have a 38 meter six lane track (plus a lot of spares) that we are considering changing to a four lane digital track. Is it possible to make a 75 meter four lane ARC Pro digital track? And if so is it possible to build it so we can change between all four lanes? I´m really greatful for any advice on this.




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