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The Scalextric ARC app, latest samples & upcoming events!

The Scalextric ARC app, latest samples & upcoming events!

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this edition of Test Track. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been priding ourselves over the ‘balanced’ offering we’ve had for you. Covering the latest development work, news, interviews and events, we’ve been showcasing what this Scalextric blog is all about. However, there was one glaring feature we’ve been missing recently: the latest samples. Thankfully that wrong can be righted in this edition of Test Track!

Of course, we have much more for you to sink your teeth into as our Head Researcher was able to grab five minutes with Nick Tandy, driver of the Porsche 911 RSR (C3944) we’ve included in this year’s range. We were able to get his thoughts not only on his Scalextric car, but also his recent performances at Sebring and Le Mans and we were incredibly happy to be able to talk to another driver of one of our models.

We’ll also be looking ahead to some of the events Scalextric will be attending in the coming months. Rest assured you’ll be getting the full scoop from all these amazing occasions here in Test Track, but if you’re in the area, why not go one better and attend in person? There’s some cracking events coming up and we hope to see many of you there!

However, we begin with some important news, and something that Scalextric ARC racers will be very interested in.

The Scalextric ARC App

Since launching ARC in 2015 we’ve been working alongside the system, making improvements and adjustments wherever we can. User feedback has been crucial to this process and following the launch of the app, the team have been quietly working in the background. The result of much of this recent hard work was revealed six weeks ago with the new and improved ARC app.

New Scalextric ARC App

Picking up and improving the functionality of the old app, the new one has a slicker and sleeker design, offering a more intuitive interface. The new app is also quicker than the old one and includes a much-requested search function. Alongside a number of cosmetic upgrades, the new app pushes ARC onwards and really cements our commitment to this fantastic system.

The new app has already been downloaded hundreds of times, and from all accounts, has been well received, at least by the ARC racers we’ve spoken to.

New Scalextric ARC App

When the new app first launched we added it to the App/Play Store alongside the older Scalextric app, allowing users the opportunity to try the new app, but not feel wholly committed to it just yet. We also wanted to give users time to migrate over all their cars over as the ‘Garage’ feature could not be imported into the new app.

However, the time has come and we’re now approaching the deadline for the old app. On the 30th May the original, old Scalextric ARC app will be removed from the applicable stores and it will not be available to download. We encourage everybody to download the new app and ensure everything works correctly as soon as you can.

New Scalextric ARC App

Should you experience any problems with the new app please do get in touch with us, and whilst we work on that, know that the old app will still be available to you. As of Wednesday 30th May though, the old ARC app will not be available to download, and we will focus our support on the new app.

Of course, should you want to keep using the old app, it will still continue to function normally, but no further patches or upgrades will be offered.

The new app will receive monthly updates and bug fixes as we continue to perfect the software for the ARC system. Please download it and give it a try.

New Scalextric ARC App

Just before we change subjects, we’d like to ask a favour! From hundreds of downloads the new app has only received 15 reviews (correct at the time of writing this blog) on the Google Play Store, and even fewer on the App Store. When you download the app and give it a try, please be sure to leave a review – it really makes a huge difference.

Please remember that if you experience any problems you should contact us directly - we’re happy to hear from you and assist, but we will need to get a number of specific details from you. Unfortunately, we can’t offer support through the reviews section.

Thanks guys and we hope you enjoy the new ARC app!

Development Updates

It feels like it’s been quite some time since we last featured some samples from upcoming releases (although we did take a look at the new F1 cars a couple of months ago). Either way, we have a number of samples to show you now, all of which are likely to be popular with slot racers and collectors around the world.

There’s a definite Le Mans and Ford theme here as these Decoration Samples offer you the first look at both the Legends Ford GT40 Le Mans Triple Pack (C3896A) and the Le Mans 1967 50 Years of Ford Twinpack (C3893A). Both of these sets are still available for pre-order from the website in limited numbers, or with your local Scalextric retailer.

Scalextric C3896A
Scalextric C3896A
Scalextric C3896A
Scalextric C3893A
Scalextric C3893A
Scalextric C3893A
Scalextric C3893A

Continuing the theme, we have the Signed Sample of the Ford GT MKIV (C3951) which gives you a final look at this fantastic bronze car before it’s available in the shops.

Scalextric C3951
Scalextric C3951

The ‘combo-breaker’ in the Development Updates this month takes the form of the three cars from the ARC PRO Sunset Speedway Set (C1388). Offering the newly tooled Lamborghini Centenario, alongside other popular super cars the McLaren 720S and Jaguar CX75, this set was highlighted in our January edition as the first sight of the Lamborghini commemorating the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

We hope you like what you see here, but as always, we have to mention that the images don’t show the finished article for any model and a lot of work still has to be carried out. There’s vents, wheels and wing mirrors all on the list for corrections and that’s not even mentioning the headlights. We love showing you the latest samples, warts and all, to not only involve you in our process but to also give you an idea of what to expect.

Scalextric C1388
Scalextric C1388
Scalextric C1388
Scalextric C1388

Scalextric Meets Nick Tandy

It’s a hattrick of interviews for you as our exceptionally busy, but apparently very active, Head Researcher managed to scoop another interview for Test Track. Following chats with both Rollcentre Racing and West Surrey Racing, Simon managed to catch up with Nick Tandy, factory driver for Porsche Motorsport, and get the scoop on recent events, Le Mans and, of course, Scalextric. Take it away Simon…

One of our flagship GT releases for 2018 is the glorious 911RSR that Nick Tandy, Patrick Pilet and Kevin Estre drove in the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans (C3944). While the race didn’t go to plan for the group this year, 2015 actually saw Nick win overall and when the opportunity came for us here at Scalextric to meet him for a chat, we couldn’t resist! Grabbing him almost straight off the plane after a win at the 2018 Sebring 12 hours we got right to it:

Scalextric C3944

Congratulations Nick, another win at the weekend at Sebring, how was that for you?

Sebring is one of the races that I’ve been longing to win for years really. We won Daytona in 2014, Le Mans in 2015, Petit Le Mans in 2013 so Sebring completes the set. It was a really important race and it was the first big win for the new RSR so it was really good for Porsche too. We had a really good race, a really good run, so yeah, really pleased to win!

On TV Sebring looks insanely bumpy, but just how bad is it round the track?

It’s horrendous! If you designed a track like that now, you’d get shot down. Because the bumps are so bad and in places you have to take lines on some corners that you would never even think about, you just have to follow the line of least resistance on the track if you like. They have a slogan over there, #respectthebumps, and it is completely apt. But it is that character that makes the race, as it is so different to any other track that we go to.

Scalextric Meets Nick Tandy

You have had some amazing successes over the years, both at Le Mans and now Sebring, how does it feel to have a Scalextric model of your car?

It’s awesome! I mean this is when you know you have really made it! I’ve got a Scalextric set at home, I’ve got the three Porsche digital cup cars, I got that a few years ago, the cars are driven in that by Richard Westbrook, Patrick Huisman and Richard Lietz and I thought at the time how cool it must have been for them to have their cars done by Scalextric and now I am the latest one! So, I’m super happy.

Did you have a set when you were younger as well?

Of course! I used to build my own chassis even. We used to take the motors out, my brother and I, we used to build stock cars out of welded wire and attach the running gear to them and then we started building destructible banger cars made from old tins. We would build cars and then race each other and smash them up on the track, we used to play all the time.

Me and my brother would have championships and periodically through the year we would have a world championship and a European championship and whoever won would get to carry the colours of the champion on the roof of their car. We were so into it!

That does sound very serious!

Yeah it was! We used to spend a lot of time playing with Scalextric. And it always was Scalextric as well.

Scalextric C3944

Nowadays you race slightly bigger cars, this year you are back at Le Mans with Porsche, as well as with your team JTR running some cars in the Carrera Cup GB, a busy year ahead then?

It will be a busy year, full time in America for the season and then we get to race at Le Mans. We take the two [cars] over from America to race alongside the European cars at Le Mans and then we have the Carrera Cup as well. Four cars in that, hoping for big things, we started off with a win in America so hoping these boys can do the same at Brands in a few weeks.

Do you miss driving the LMP1 car now that programme has ended then, or is the RSR a good enough replacement?

Yeah of course because the car is unlike anything else out there, you miss the exhilaration of the acceleration and the grip. I don’t miss the racing so much because it is actually more competitive in GT with the cars being closer, but the actual thrill of driving the LMP1 car was like nothing else I have ever experienced with the acceleration of the hybrid system and the grip when it was on high downforce - it was like a spaceship. I’ll miss that.

We’ve spoken to a few drivers who have raced at Le Mans and we have always asked this same question; do you enjoy racing through the night there?

Yes, I do! Because when the night comes it’s a bit more relaxed. A bit more serene. You don’t see as much of what is going on outside the car, you are typically more in your own zone and do longer stints, so in the LMP1 we might do quadruple stints, this sort of thing you tend to be in the car a bit longer at night than you would in the heat of the day. So, you know when you are getting ready to get into the car in the heat of the night that you are going to be in your own space for a little while, so it is a good place to focus the mind.

Only a racing driver could describe 200+mph in the dark at Le Mans as serene! Our sincere thanks go to Nick for his time and watch this space for some very cool announcements coming soon featuring both Nick and his team mates.

A cheeky teaser there from Simon but everyone here at Test Track echoes his sentiments. A huge thank you to Nick for giving up his time and posing for a picture, and we wish him and the team all the best over the coming months.

Upcoming Events

With an update due to our Events page in the coming days, we wanted to share with you some of the events we’ll be attending and invite you to join us there. There’s nothing quite like a show to engage with slot racers and to get real face-to-face feedback.

The next event we have on the calendar, and one that’s certainly no stranger to us here in Test Track, is the UK Slot Car Festival (also known as Slot Fest) which is taking place at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon over the 19th and 20th of May.

One of the biggest slot racing events in the country, Slot Fest is a great day out for slot racing enthusiasts and families alike.

UK Slot Fest 2018 Banner

With more details to follow, we’ll be attending the Le Mans Classic over the 6th, 7th and 8th of July, taking part in an event which showcases the history of Le Mans. In the ACO Member’s Lounge, we’ll be back following from our attendance at Le Mans last year.

The 7th-9th September sees the Goodwood Revival, an event we also looked at last year. With plans still very much being worked on, we hope to be covering the event in some capacity and hope you’ll be keeping an eye out too.

We’ll be doing all we can to get write ups of each event here in Test Track, but we encourage all of you who might be able to attend, to check out the event and see if it’s feasible. There’s nothing quite like attending an event to experience racing, either full size or 1:32 scale.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this instalment of Test Track and we’ll see you again soon. We’ve heard rumours of some big official news coming down the pipeline shortly, so we’ll be back to coincide with that in the next couple of weeks.

If you have anything you’d like to discuss from this month’s blog, please do get in touch via our Facebook, Twitter and/or Forum pages. For those on social media, you may just want to keep an eye out as there may be something for you soon relating to the events we’ve covered – just an idea!

However, until next time,

Happy Racing!

The Test Track Team


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