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The latest from Scalextric and a new event for 2017!

The latest from Scalextric and a new event for 2017!

Following the last couple of editions that have been a little late, Test Track has returned to its usual time slot, the last Friday of the month. We’ve been treated to a couple of 2018 reveals and discussion in the last couple of blogs, but now we begin the wait until all is revealed with the Scalextric 2018 Range Launch.

The last few editions of Test Track have been absolutely mammoth and so, this time, we’re a little trimmer. In this instalment though, we can reveal the winner of the BTCC competition we started three weeks ago. Plus, we have the latest development updates which include samples of a 2018 Twin Pack we announced here in Test Track, plus samples of the 2018 BTCC cars we revealed last time out. We can also look ahead to a special event Scalextric will be attending this weekend, a world-renowned show that we have never been to before!

We finish with a little bit of Test Track housekeeping as we look ahead to Christmas, and with it, next year.


And the winner is…!

In our last edition of Test Track, we offered you the chance to win two Scalextric cars both signed by the BTCC legend Steve Soper. Modelled after the BMW E30 M3 (C3782) and Ford Sierra RS500 (C3738) Steve raced, these unique prizes appealed to both fans of historic BTCC and Scalextric.

Unfortunately, though, there can only be one winner and that lucky person is Adrian Pearson!



Many congratulations Adrian, we have been in touch and we’ll get your prize in the post as soon as we can.

We’d like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who entered – as always, we were massively impressed by the number of entries. We’d also like to offer a quick apology for the small mix up in the last edition where we incorrectly said this edition was due on the 27th November. We, of course, meant the 27th October, apologies for any confusion caused.


Development Updates

A little while ago we received the Decoration Samples for the 2018 Legends E-Type Twin Pack (C3898A), which we announced here at the start of September.

Having only had the Base Samples for you with the announcement, these Decoration Samples should give you a much better idea of what to expect next year (and remember, these samples give you an idea of what to expect but don’t show the models in their final form).



As expected, the Twin Pack has been hugely popular and as we always say, if you’re interested in these cars we recommend you pre-order now to avoid any potential disappointment. The Twin Pack is available not only here at Scalextric.com, but also with Scalextric retailers.



But that’s not all. Having just missed our visit to Brands Hatch at the end of the BTCC season, the 2018 BTCC samples have since arrived (well, excluding Colin Turkington’s BMW (C3920)) and we can show them here for you now. We’re incredibly happy with all of them, in particular the metallic blue on Andrew Jordan’s BMW (C3914). As ever though there are a few bits the team have noted down and will be correcting before production.


BMW Series 1 NGTC - BTCC 2017 Andy Jordan (C3914) Decoration Sample 


Honda Civic Type R NGTC - BTCC 2017 Gordon Shedden (C3919) Decoration Sample 


Honda Civic Type R NGTC – BTCC 2017 Matt Simpson (C3915) Decoration Sample 


MCM London Comic Con 2017

Having attended the largest slot car event in the UK, our next event could be considered a very different kind of show. A huge part of what we aim for here at Scalextric is reaching people who perhaps aren’t particularly familiar with slot racing and Scalextric. As the most recognisable member of the UK slot racing scene we massively enjoy bringing Scalextric, and this hobby, to people that are completely new to it and piquing their interest. Kicking off what can be a lifelong hobby is pretty amazing, and watching people as they have their first go on a Scalextric layout is special (or if they haven’t raced Scalextric for a number of years).

The MCM London Comic Con offers us this chance, to show off slot racing to a group of people that may not be overly familiar with it (although I’m sure there’ll be one or two slot racers attending!).



Taking place this weekend (27th – 29th October), the MCM London Comic Con attracts over 130,000 visitors and boasts over 200 exhibitors in over 44,000 square metres at the ExCeL in London. With stalls, panels, meet and greets, as well as tonnes of other things to do, the MCM London Comic Con is one of the events to attend for popular culture.



We’ll be taking two Scalextric ARC AIR layouts with us, one of which will have all the ARC AIR features enabled. There’ll also be a fastest lap competition to win an ARC AIR set each day, as well as a competition offering the chance to win a Scalextric bundle!

However, the adults don’t get all the fun as we’ll have a QUICK BUILD area with bean bags and a kids table to offer something that might be a little more appealing to children (although many may want to stay playing with ARC AIR!).

We’re sure the MCM London Comic Con will be a huge success and wish all our colleagues making the trip the best of luck. We’ve also heard rumours that the team might be dressing up, so if you’re attending the show do make sure you grab a photo!


A much leaner Test Track for you, but we hope just as enjoyable. We did mention at the start of the blog that there was a bit of housekeeping we needed to take care of too though. Following the huge effort the team have put in on the last couple of editions, and with things really heating up as we approach the critical Christmas period, we’ve made the decision not to have a November Test Track.

We understand this will be disappointing for regular Test Track readers but it’s a tough decision we think is right for the next few weeks.

Of course, should anything happen in the meantime we’ll be sure to bring it right to you. However, we won’t have a full edition of Test Track until the end of the year when we get to cast our eye back over the year in our 2017 review.

We do hope this isn’t too disappointing and that you’ve enjoyed the ground we’ve covered over the last few editions. It’s been a quite unbelievable year and one that we will finish off in style towards the end of December.

Don't forget that we always love to hear from you, so please get in touch on Facebook, Twitter (#TestTrack) or using our Forum.

Until next time, 

Happy Racing! 

The Test Track Team


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