Scalextric Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase

Scalextric Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase


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Scalextric Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase


Item Code: C7042

| Description

The Advanced 6 Car Digital Powerbase can be used to race up to 6 cars on a Scalextric Digital layout at the same time or be used on a standard Scalextric two-lane layout.

The unit has a clear user interface with two levels of features to suit both the novice and experienced user. The Skill Level option allows you to adjust the maximum power levels to individual cars so that 'novice versus expert' races can be run more fairly.

  • Hand throttles can be calibrated to equalise controller performance.
  • Multiple gaming modes, timed endurance and total lap format racing.
  • Ghost cars (PACER) function for setting 1 to 6 cars to run automatically, with switchable lane changing and lap counting on individual cars.
  • Setting the car ID is easy via a simple, one-button action.
  • This Powerbase delivers 15v for faster car performance.

An 'open-source' output connection enables the enthusiast to connect the six car power base to a computer for additional functionality. (Details available from this website after product release.)

This new Powerbase can be used in Analogue or Digital power modes. This great feature allows the Powerbase to be used with standard 2-lane Scalextric circuits, using two cars only, or with Scalextric Digital layouts for 1-to-6 car action. All features are availbale in either mode.

Now the best of both worlds is offered - an all-in-one race control system for Analogue and Digital racing.

The P9300 15V 4Amp Transformer is sold seperately or for a replacement power supply please see the P9300 15V 4Amp Transformer

Scalextric Digital
Scalextric Digital

Experience the control features & exciting cars with Scalextric Digital Sets.  Each set contains everything you need for a thrilling slot car race.

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Age Suitability 7+

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I have a 4 lane analog track on a 16 X 8 foot table. It's part classic and part sport. Would like to switch over to digital a little at a time. Are there any issues connecting it to a four lane track? Should I make a section 2 lane where the 6 car powerbase will be connected? If you connected two of these into a 4 lane track could you race 12 cars?

Posted by Mike on 13th Feb 2017


Can you tell me what's exactly in the box please ?

Posted by Kerry on 7th Dec 2016


Hi there, just wondered if this kit comes with the lead to plug into a socket. Thinking of buying. Thanks

Posted by Jay Smith on 24th Nov 2016


If I make a 100 ft track do I have to worry about power. I was going to get the 6 car power base. Eventually I would like to race 6 cars at once.

Posted by Nicholas Berard on 29th Mar 2016


How do I connect this to the computer..? And is there like some software that I can Download on my computer for this..? Thanks:)

Posted by Jake Massey on 25th Mar 2016

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