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Build, Race and Destroy! Enjoy a high-speed car chase with this extreme drift and slide car, but be careful, crash or collide and your car will be in pieces! This ‘cop car’ features a flashing roof light and siren and can be customised with clip-on wheels, decal sheets and mix and match parts. This great value Super Resistant car is ideal for younger races who like full-contact chase action.

Tech Specs

  • Age Suitability: 8+

Special Features

  • Easy Change Pick-Ups
  • Magnatraction
  • Super-Resistant

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Cop Car my 9 year old loves crashing and building!

Thought buying this essentially a lego car would entice my 9-year-old to play more without a TV Screen in front of them......He Loves the way it drifts or slides and does a 360 on its own track and heads up the opposite way, sometimes knocking off the other car. Me the father now wants to buy a car to race his son just like back in the 80's I'm 46 now but still knows what it feels what its like to get your first Scalelectrix Set. Joe

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sssss 5
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Police Car

Great model to add to the quick build set I have already. '360' feature make's it so much fun. Good design and great fun to watch and/or play with. 5 star's (y)

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Looking at the video. Is this car able to drive in the opposite direction on any given analog track, owing to its internal chip? Or do I need a particular power base? I have the standard powerbase that comes with the analog total speed track. Also the 360 degree guide blade function is similar to the drift cars. When purchasing individual cars how do I know which have this 360 guide blade or not? It doesn't seem to be in the specs...

Posted by John on 10th Mar 2017

HI There, The special thing about this car is the guide that can swivel 360°. Basically the guide is a disc with 2 concentric circle for the power therefore no matter what direction the car points positive and negative always flow the same way. It can be used on any standard 1/32 (or larger) analog track. The 360° swivel guide is usually mentioned in the product details but you are right it is not mentioned here. Usually if the word "drift" appears it is 360°. 98.6% of all Scalextric cars are NOT drift though.

Can this be used on the standard 1 32 non magnetic track?

Posted by James Comley on 29th Dec 2016

I am not aware of Hornby making any "non-magnetic" track but in theory the car can be used on any standard analog track including wood. The magnet in the car is fairly weak t allow 360° turns so have no magnetic force at all would mean it will slide even more.

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Safety Notice

WARNING Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts which can present a choking hazard.

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