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App Race Control (ARC)

The ultimate slot car race control system is here - Scalextric ARC - App Race Control!

Scalextric ARC (App Race Control) is a revolutionary slot car system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races with a handheld smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Download the ARC app, then connect your smart device via Bluetooth to the new ARC Powerbase, unlocking unique features and control of your Scalextric races.

You can choose from one of our ARC sets, or alternatively connect an ARC powerbase to any analogue Scalextric set to unlock a whole new level of slot racing fun.

Personalise your race by selecting features such as race type, driver names and number of laps. Customise and save your race settings and car setup, before you head out on the track to test your skills and challenge your opponent.

The ARC system is currently available in a choice of two versions...

Entry level ARC Race control system

■ Hard wired hand controllers

Core app functionality

Analogue system

2-car racing

Key Features:

Pit stops

Post race statistic

Mid-range ARC Race control system

2.4 Ghz wireless hand controllers

Intermediate app functionality

Analogue system

2-car racing

Key Features:

All of the features of ARC ONE plus...

Wireless controllers (plus rumble)

Variable race conditions

Braking button

ARC Support

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10 Product(s)


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