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Endurance Set

LMP Yellow Vs GT Red

The ultimate fight between man, machine and the clock, endurance racing is as popular today as ever. Modern prototype racing cars rival formula one in the speed stakes and this entry level set gives a flavor of what this type of motorsport has to offer.

Create more fun and excitement by extending your Endurance set with track extension packs, other accessories and cars available from the Scalextric range.

Key Features

  • Speed Limiter Controller Speed Limiter Controller
  • Super Resistant Super Resistant

Tech Specs

Supplied with a UK transformer

  • Space Required: 80cm x 110cm
  • Track Length: 255cm
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Age Suitability: 5+

Special Features

  • Magnatraction
  • Speed Limiter Controller
  • Super-Resistant


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Great starter set, but needs more track

I really like everything about this starter set. The cars look fabulous and go really well - the LMP car is slightly more grippy round the corners. The cars are also pretty robust. The controllers are the new model with four speed-limiting options - they are massively better than the old version that had just two options. The four settings mean that total beginners can have fun right out of the box and then gradually learn to control the cars on the higher settings. The controller handles are also much more comfortable for both adult and smaller hands to use. The basic oval of track goes together quickly, although it does need strong hands to get the connections to click into place (I think they will loosen up with use). The instruction sheet is clear and covers most common issues that might crop up. Although the oval is fun for a while, I reckon most people will want to get a track extention pack fairly quickly.... Read more

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Safety Notice

WARNING Not suitable for children under 36 months It contains small parts which can present a choking hazard and some components have functional sharp points and edges. Handle with care.Only use this product with the recommended transformer. Colour and contents may differ from those illustrated.Please refer to the safety notes in the main set instruction leaflet. Please retain these details and the address for future reference.

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