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Scalextric ARC AIR Powerbase Upgrade Kit

Explore the next level in App Race Control technology - ARC AIR - with exciting new features such as wireless controllers with rumble pack and braking, plus new app features such as weather conditions and race incidents.


This ARC AIR Powerbase Upgrade Kit is compatible with any analogue Scalextric set, unlocking a whole new world of slot racing.

Key Features

  • Brakes Brakes
  • Wireless Rumble Controllers Wireless Rumble Controllers
  • Fuel Usage Fuel Usage
  • Lap Counter Lap Counter
  • Light Start Light Start
  • Pit Stop Pit Stop
  • Post-Race Statistics Post-Race Statistics
  • Tyre Wear Tyre Wear
  • Variable Weather Conditions Variable Weather Conditions


  • ARC AIR Powerbase
  • 2x Wireless Hand Controllers
  • ARC Cradle
  • ARC AIR Quick Start Guide

Tech Specs

Supplied with a UK transformer

  • Age Suitability: 5+

I love this product because it enhances every aspect of the (already amazing!) Scalextric racing experience. In addition to all of the new features that you can access via the ARC App, and enhanced control of your races via a smart device, wireless hand controllers allow you to easily operate the cars from the comfort of your own sofa/beanbag/chaise longue etc.


For parents playing against their very young children it has the added advantage of being able to limit power, so you can make sure that the more inexperienced racers will never come off the track (or limit power to Dad's car to stop him winning every time!!).


It also has a full post-race statistics report so there can be no more arguments about who is the fastest and who is the real winner. Add into the mix, weather conditions, arcade mode, pit stop features and many more show stopping upgrades, this is a fantastic gift and a great excuse to enjoy some quality fun time with the whole family.

Darren Nye

Darren Nye − Scalextric Product Development Manager

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(wire)less is more

I bought the ARC Air power base mainly for the wireless controller aspect, having no cables is a revelation. The addition of the App features is brilliant allowing for much more competition and also to race against a pace car when no one else is around to run lane two. I've used this set up to run several Scalextric and Pizza nights at the office where I work with great success.

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Very impressive!

I bought one of these mostly for wireless controllers (less trailing wires) but also to add more meaning to races from the functions available on the app. I do love the wireless controllers, each has its own coloured wristband to tell them apart. The controllers come pre-configured to the powerbase too so I didn't need to mess about doing that. Batteries for the controllers are included as is the mains plug for the powerbase (a slightly different shape to the regular powerbase). My mistake was trying to "pair" my phone & the powerbase as you can't * don't need to. Use of the app is pretty straight forward & some of the features really add another dimension. Sadly, its not perfect & also takes some getting used. However, It does what I want & thats all that matters to me. ... Read more

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Arc Air to be used by School for 3 weeks,

So over the 3 last days I have been running the new Arc Air at a local School Betty Gilbert In Aldergrove BC Canada. It has been performing well and so far after 3 hours of racing the batteries in the Controllers are still good and everything seems to be connecting and recording well. I have been using quick race to record best lap times for each class. On Grand prix there does seem an issue with calibration as each time you press "calibrate" the software crashes and then reopens. The kids love the wireless controllers and with a crowd watching there are no tangled wires. The brake button does not seem as responsive as on Digital but it works and is a welcome feature. The added weather feature is also great fun. Hopefully over the next coming weeks 200+ racers will try Arc Air and to many they did not even know about Slot Cars so this will jump them straight into today!
And it will be a good test on how the equipment holds up.
... Read more

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Safety Notice

WARNING Not suitable for children under 36 months.It contains small parts which can present a choking hazard, and some components have functional sharp points and edges. Handle with care.Only use this product with the recommended transformer. Colour and Contents may vary from those illustrated. Please refer to the safety notes in the main set instruction leaflet. Please retain these details and the address for future reference.

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