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Converter Straight x 2

Use to connect new-style Scalextric track to Classic track.


2 x 175mm Converter Straights

Tech Specs

  • Age Suitability: 5+
  • Length (Inches): 7

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Essential for really interesting layouts

This adapter is great for adding those unique Scalextric classic tracks like the pit lane, the (very tight) chicane, the tight turn and the straight cross over. It also allows you to entertain other brands' tracks as well (although we all know Scalextric is best!). Very important to note though is that classic tracks slot depth is about 1 mm shallower than most other brands (including Scalextric Sport) so the guide blade may need a little shaving to ensure it doesn't "bottom out".
Also, most Scalextric classic track has seen better years so make sure you give it a good cleaning using some sort of mildly abrasive cloth/paper, clean it up with alcohol and dry it off. Also check all the tabs and the rails to ensure they are straight.
I have also had good luck with copper tape with conductive adhesive. Because Classic track is "levered" in and not pushed together you can wrap the copper tape around the end and slide it into the cavity so you get a copper to copper connection.
Another note is that I get the feeling that the magnetic force of the Classic track is slightly higher than Sport. This is just a hunch as I am not sure how to go about testing it to be sure but it should be taken into account when racing. The surface of classic track is slightly rougher than Sport so bear that in mind as well.
Finally, classic track was manufactured in several countries over the years and there are slight variations in each country but these are minor.
I enjoy them all a lot!
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Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. It contains small parts which can present a choking hazard, and some components have functional sharp points and edges. Handle with care. Only use this product with the recommended transformer. Colours and contents may differ from thsoe illustrated. Please refer to the safety Notes in the main set instruction leaflet. Please retain these details and the address for future reference.

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