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S4lane digital lap timers?


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Hi all,


I have a 3 lane "sport" track that I'm in the process of converting to a digital set up


I've managed to  fit the 4 car power base and a few lan-changers around the track but would like to add lap timers


I noticed in the track plans book ( latest ed ) that they have used 2 lap counters as part of their digital track plans , dose this work ? or is it something I would beed to addapt ?

I have a good idea of how to addapt them if if they are able to be used side by side un-changed how would this work please ?

Hope this makes sence ?

Thanks in advance




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Hi Oli - welcome to the forum!


I saw those designs too... Unfortunately they are a pretty big error and don’t work.


Having said that, it is possible to mod the C7042 Advanced Powerbase for more than two lanes (see here: and Dr_C is working on a way to do the same for ARC Pro. However, I’ve not seen anything for the 4-car powerbase + digital lap counters.


A slightly left-field option is to use a lap counter/timer app for athletics that uses your phone’s camera and distinguishes runners’ vests (or cars) by distinct colour differences. If it’s for testing or home rug-racing, that could be a good solution?

Andy Player


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Hi Woodcote, thanks for the link .Smile

That is pritty much what I was thinking

The SCALEXTRIC Digital C4PBD 4 Car Powerbase has no built in lap timer unlike the 6 car one and only supplies power to the Track.

I was going to use 2 Digital Lap Counters Item code: C7039 , and remove the dissply board from one and hard wire the remaining track and sensers to run with the complete one . If that makes sence ?


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I suspect the mod would be similar and could be done with one lap counter and sensors from an old - or broken - powerbase. I would suggest contacting Riko Rocket to see if he has ever looked at modifying the digital lap counter to cover four lanes. He has spent a lot of time inside the various Scalextric digital accessories, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows exactly what to do!

Andy Player


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 Thanks again Weoodcote, will look into it


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I have been waiting for the 4 lane option myself.  Although Dr. C is working on a 4-lane sensor project, I am not aware of anything available today.  I was told that it would require something more complicated than simply joining/wiring two s/f sensor straights together, so I am waiting to see what the finished product looks like.

I posted a picture of my 4 lane digital track on slotforum.  I can currently measure my two outside lanes, but not the 2 inside lanes using the arc app.



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Hi Hammertime,

Thanks for your patience on this one... looking at the design spec of the ARC PRO, and the sensor circuits in play I have concluded there are two ways forward.


1/ With some relatively simple additional hardware, an approach based on wiring sensors together will become possible. This solution will function with the Magic unofficial ARC app but not the Hornby official ARC app. This is the quickest and easiest route to getting four lane solutions functioning with the ARC PRO.


2/ I am also working on a more advanced four lane solution which adds compatibility with both the Hornby official ARC app and the Magic unofficial ARC app. To get this solution functioning requires some quite advanced firmware to be written and endurance tested. Also, this approach involves a lot more design effort... it will bring some added opportunities... e.g more advanced sensing of vehicles entering pit lanes etc.


I am working on both... clearly 1 will be ready first...


Hope this update helps...




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5 posts

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