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SA couple of forum improvement suggestions


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I'd like to suggest a couple of forum improvements:

1) have an option to remain logged in by way of cookies.

2) have an option to navigate directly to posts I've already made, saves having to remember and having to navigate manually (to see the/any responses

3) have an option to turn on/off notifications if a thread that a user has started has a new posting


268 posts

Hi Nozzle,


I've moved this thread from Website Feedback to Forum Feedback as it's specifically about the Forum itself.


In answer to your suggestions, however, you should be able to log in to the website and have it remember you as you navigate around, including the Forum. In fact, the Forum is set up so that each page navigated to (even within a thread) will refresh your contact with the website so you won't get automatically logged out.


The last two suggestions on your post would be fantastic additions to the Forum and I would love to implement things like this. Unfortunately, this just isn't technically possible right now but I'm certainly keeping these things in mind for the future.


12 posts

As Nozzle said,  some form of notification system would transform this forum.

I dont know if any progress in the technical capabilities has been made since he suggested this in January?  

I understand its easier for me to say than for someone to do... 

But if you look at one of the forum hosting apps such as "Tapatalk",  you can "subscribe " to any thread meaning you get notifications on all posts made, and you can also subscribe to whole sub forums notifying you when a new thread is created.

It would also be useful for commonly used posts to become "pinned/stickies" so that they always appear first in the subgroup so you and new users instantly see the most active and popular threads (and until we have a subscribe feature we can find them without scrolling through multiple pages) 

Possible a like/favourite button on.posts would be a nice touch in future

Keep up the good work!  

I think if the forum is to be a place for us all to discuss and drive the engagement with Scalextric it needs to be easier to use, and there are tried and tested platforms out there that will cover most needs. Tapatalk is a great example as Cjr mentioned above. 

 I hope its ok to continue to add to this section. An improvememt suggestion is to allow the upload of other document types. In particular, I have managed to aquire and now have scanned copies of instructions for C451 Fuel Tank, and C452 Think Tank. I know many others also have trouble finding such instructions and would be useful to be able to upload the pdfs so others may benifit. Maybe a section for such instructions would be useful, as there are many items that are just not available anymore. I know this as I have contacted the manufacturer a few times, and each time the answer is the same, that they do not have these instructions anymore, and cannot help.

Andy P.

1707 posts

Community Moderator

I have uploaded JPGs of instructions before. After the moderater approves them they are avaialble.

Granted some sort of library would be good though.


80 posts

Notification of replies to posts and being able to subscribe to sub forums and threads is long overdue.


Most forums have them by default and they are very important in facilitating timely interactivity.

Sorry for the corporate speak but maybe the suits will appreciate it Wink  

Practically the forum is useless if you don't get notifications OR if you can't find your posts... I have 4 posts to my name, but no idea where they are! You can't even search your username to find them...

Andy P.

1707 posts

Community Moderator

If you click on your name you can see all the posts you have made from there.


80 posts



Notification of replies to posts and being able to subscribe to sub forums and threads is long overdue.

Most forums have them by default and they are very important in facilitating timely interactivity.


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