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SApp Not Working Correctly


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That’s good news you’re getting normal running when you are out of the app. However, it is perplexing that you are getting the same problem (is it exactly the same?) with both an apple phone and an android device. They are essentially different apps as well as two separate installs.


Normally, if an issue like this appears running in the app, but is not present when running with no app control, I would say if is a issue with the app install, device compatibility or a bug. However, you have tried another device with another app and get the same issues. The basic power circuit looks okay, but I wonder if a component in the circuits that communicate between the app and the track power has been damaged or dislodged when the mod was done? I think this is more likely than an identical bug in both apps, especially as I have not seen this issue with the pace car, nor have I seen it reported. Of course, there may have been a fault in the powerbase before the mod was done.


I wonder if Dr_C could jump in here? He has spent time inside the powerbase and will have infinitely more knowledge and expertise in diagnosing what’s going on.


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Just a few thoughts from me... apols if they are all too obvious or already considered and ruled in or ruled out...


1/ I cant see how doing the very straightforward Riko mod would be likely to cause any of the problems described... particularly if the mod was done by simply removing the six screws under the track piece and then reversing the two powerwires to one of the lanes. This does not require any access to the internal electronicswithin the powerbase... so no damage to the powerbase would be likely. I would envisage the worst kindof problem might be dislodging connectors to the sensor boards. I do however recognise that doing this mod is likely to invalidate the manufacturers warranty. In summary I dont see the carrying out ofthis mod as a likely cause of the problems experienced.


2/ I have found the use of the pace car feature can cause instabilities in the app from time to time... for example both a pace car and anon pace car registering laps under the same driver in the app. So if there are other issues you are seeking to addres I would recommend a fresh install of the app and then to avoid selecting the pace car function until you are confident that everything else is functioning correctly.


3/ with the clean app install I would then systematically look to see if cars perform identically both with and without the app running. i would ensure that profile C is used for all cars and thatthrottle is set to 100%. Remember, this driver nformation is only uploaded to the powerbase when you hit prepare to race... until that point old values remain in play. 


4/ I would look out for a rogue car with perhaps a failng motor, or intermittent pick-up, or poorly fitted decoder... as factors which might be creating a sense of overall inconsistency of the system.


just opinions/thoughts/observations...


Hope a solution comes into sight soon... this system is usually pure fun... so hopeyou get into that mode very soon... good luck!



Thanks Dr_C. I'll try your suggestions next time i get home. I have a pair of radius 2 standard curve pieces on their way to my house to replace the one crossover and consequently isolate the two lanes. Maybe that will unconfuse things for the operating system. 


So i replaced the single crossover turn with standard radius 2 pieces. I tried a pacer race and still had the issue with pace car registering triple laps each time around. I deleted the app and loaded a clean one. Cars  were set to 100% power throttle profiles on C. The cars operated correctly with app off or on. I set up a simple grand prix race with red and green cars. Both cars operated at speed and laps counted correctly. I tried a pace car race and still had the tripple counting issue. Went back to grand prix race and all was good. Progress for sure. Weirdness remains with pace car function. Thank you Dr_C.


Andy P.

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Community Moderator

So do I understand correctly that the pace car that is registering triple laps worked fine as a human-driven race car?

If you can, please try different devices. There was an iOs Apple update recently..


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Thank you to all. the Scalextric "instructions" suck at best. Nothing is explained in detail like you have provided to us.I didn't buy a "set", I bought, piece by piece, and built from there, money permitting. I've been told by others that they didn't get instructions with their set. They recommend using the Quick Guide".

Andy P.

1630 posts

Community Moderator

Considering that this thread was started by someone who modified his powerbase (and thus voided his warrantee) I think it is going a bit far claiming that the instructions are sub-par.

I have seen 8 year olds set up sets and not have any problems.

Given the plethora of variables when combining a track with a mobile device that can also have hundreds of variables it is to possible to cover every single option in printed form.

It is not easy finding a balance between too much information and and enough to get things started.

I would say 99% of all issues are covered by the instructions with the products or on the ARC webpage.

I have been doing this Mod job for over 3 years and very few issues are not covered by the instructions and quick guides.

That's the one thing i didn't test was to drive the pace car manually. It's the same car i used as pace car with my C7042 APB and it worked flawlessly, including correctly registering laps. Next time i get home, i'll check out the pace car in particular in addition to trying the app on my wife's iphone. Cheers!


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