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SArc air one lane "shorting"

I picked up a used Arc Air. The guy sweats it worked and is willing to take it back, but I'd love to meet make it work if I can.

Lane one works fine, but lane two with any car gives me a "track overload" alert and the app flashes that warning.

This was done with the no track attached to the power base.

Anyone have advice if this seems like a fixable condition? Is it more likely some basic wiring, maybe a broken wire or is a circuit board more likely? It was a good price, so if I can make it work without spending too much I'd prefer that.

Secondary option is to just use the sensors and go back to my old set up of standard power bases, one per lane.

If I unplug the connector in the Arc Air as I've seen some on the Arc one, will the Arc Air work that way?


Thanks again for your help.


Andy P.

1707 posts

Community Moderator

The main test is to see if the overload happens by simply pulling the trigger when no car is on it.

If that is the case and you are sure that the track is clean and free from any dust or metal that could short it out it likely needs a replacement.

It sounds similar to this.


Can the Arc Air be used as sensor only and use other power bases?

Andy P.

1707 posts

Community Moderator

I am afraid not.

That mod only works with ARC ONE which has fewer functions than ARC AIR.

Ok, so the guy isn't as willing to accept the return as I had thought, so what are my options if any?

Is there any history of repairing one? Does anyone have any experience with it?

Is there any way to get some value from it or is it just scrap?


800 posts

I presume that this is a problem when you are not using the app too? What happens then? And it only happens when you squeeze the trigger of the controller connected to the problem lane?


As Andy suggested, are you sure there is no metallic debris in the slot? That is the most common cause of a short on any slot car track. If nothing is obvious, then I would unscrew the cover and see if there is anything inside obviously loose, anything that should not be in there or anything that looks a bit burned out or scorched. You could post a picture of anything obvious here. I guess one thing to look at closely is the wiring to the rails of the slot that is a problem.


If there is nothing obvious. I would then reassemble and try again. You never know...


297 posts

So a few (two) thoughts from me...


1/ if all else fails you could use the powerbase as a lapcounter only. If so you would need to de-solder and isolate (or cut and isolate) the four wires that connect the powerbase to the track lanes. When using the app you would then need to disable all of the advanced features which over-ride manual throttle control. Pit-stops should still work fine.


2/ in terms of fixing the fault... I agree with woodcote... visual inspection and taking some images which you share with us would be useful. Also, do you have access to a digital test meter and know how to use it to measure resistance? If so there are some simple tests I would propose...



Ok, I swapped the wires at the connector on the board from lane one to lane two and vice versa and the problem followed. Which means the problem is in the circuit board not the lane or wiring.


I got taken. Since the person that sold it to me is  a member, you got me. Sold me a bum unit. It's definitely got a something bad in the control circuit board and that's beyond my ability to fix.


297 posts

Isnt that verging on being a bit accusational...? can you be sure it was not working at the point of sale? Anyway... clearly its not functioning now and that must be very annoying... so... to sum up... you have two functionng ARC AIR single button wireless controllers and a powerbase which functions on only one lane... right?


From what you have said so far it is more than likely to be one of two orthree easil identifiable smd components That is at fault.. if you want to get it fixed... a photo of the top of the circuit board which shows all the components close to the track side of the printed circuit board would really help please. Also, confirmation as to which lane is giving the problem would also help please...




8 posts

I have bought 2 Arc Air powerbases recently at a fraction of the normal new cost .I bought them as new but not boxed as they come from retailers that break down sets and sell the indivual parts .I suggest looking for a new unboxed unit .I have had no problems using them on my 2 circuits .I did get an overload once and it was due to a tiny bit of braid stuck in a slot .I carefully went over my track slowly with a magnet until I found it .Thin as a human hair wire caused the issue . 

A Layout is never finished .

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