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SArc Air single car shorting base


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Hi, don’t worry, I’ve got a new car coming from scalextric under warranty so thanks for your help woodcote. Although I am about to post another issue that is happening to someone else, you have also tried to help him but ibv done most of my testing already and can’t figure it out so I’m gonna post in that one as well.


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Thanks for all the valuable help. .  . I want to know if I can use the 15v 4a transformer on the ARC Air system form the ARC Pro set?  Regards, Thomas


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Hi Thomas. Yes you can. The plug fits into the ARC Air socket and Scalextric have okay-ed the upgrade. However, as Dr_C pointed out somewhere, the powerbase will still signal a power overload if the amp draw goes over the pre-defined limit (2 amps, I think) - so really ‘hot’ motors will have problems.


Most out-of-the-box high-performance cars from the likes of, NSR, Thunderslot etc will work with the more powerful power supply, if that is what your aim is - even with their standard magnets. However, if you are trying to solve any power drop-outs on the track, it is always best to start with good track maintenance and use power taps on a long layout.


Hope that helps.

Andy Player

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