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SARC app manual at SlotRacer Online


931 posts

A question that comes up time and time again on this forum is whether there is a manual for the ARC app. Beyond the Quick Start Guides, the answer is - nothing official that is produced by Scalextric.


However, I have started a thread on the the new SlotRacer Online site which uses race simulations to introduce the various features of the app:


Instead of putting together what would be a huge and unwieldy user manual, I hope the practical guide will get people using the app for racing straight away and will encourage you all to explore the app and use your own imagination to develop race formats and simulations that work best for you and your racing pals.


The guide is based on ARC Pro, but should be also be useful for people using ARC One and ARC Air. I do plan to include some two-car analogue race formats to the thread in the future.

Andy Player


931 posts

The 'Missing Manual' thread at SlotRacer Online is gradually growing, but I was delighted to have the BTCC format borrowed for a weekend of ARC Pro digital racing at the Hornby Visitors Centre last month. I raced on the Saturday and it was fabulous to enjoy the format and ARC Pro on the hallowed ground of the old Margate factory!

There's more about the event here:

Andy Player

Andy P.

1810 posts

Community Moderator

Oh I recognize a few of those faces. :-)


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The ARC app manual, written for all users and with insights from an experienced user perspective... is great! Big thanks to Woodcote, we are all benefitting from his superb drafting and editing skills.




931 posts

These are the contents of the thread so far...


Introduction + BTCC simulation:


GT Endurance Racing, Fuel + Tyre Wear:


Formula One, No Contact Racing + KERS:


Trans-Am simulation, Calibration + incidents:


We're gradually putting the topics together as a stand-alone section of the Slot Racer website, so I'll let you know when that's done.

Andy Player


931 posts

And here's the latest - a Sierra vs BMW E3 simulation using the Weather feature, plus a quick look at Start Type and Race End Type:

Andy Player


931 posts

The manual is now here:


A big thanks to Jason for taking the forum posts and turning them into an easy-to-navigate webpage.


Since my last post, these topics have been added:


  • Controllers - using the app to modify the ARC controller characteristics
  • - using cars with ARC Pro, including a long-form endurance format
  • Upgrades - outlining all the official ARC Pro hardware and firmware upgrades from Nov 2017 to now.


Still to come (hopefully by Christmas/New Year):


  • Tournament racing - Tournament mode, plus stand-alone rotation racing formats
  • ARC Pro's Drag Race - Drag race mode
  • My Garage - adding and using custom car and track entries
  • Pace Cars - looking at the Pace Car mode in the ARC app
  • Arcade mode
  • Analogue mode
  • ARC Pro and rally racing formats

Andy Player

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