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And... Ray_lego... your charity work sounds highy inspired and highly inspiring! we definitely need to find a good solution for you!


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Thanks! I think in Yellow flag mode only and calbration set on zero would work. (have to try).

I thought i could abort after the race and then it "race again" or Abort again, but for a split second

the cars go back to 100%. I usally have the kids race at 25-30 with magnets. But i do like to use the

yellow flag to slow the race down if kids are crashing alot.


Its amazing how quickly they pick up lane changing! even severe motorskilled ones.


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finally we find out what your problem is

was reported weeks ago by others

believe they said would be hopefully addressed with app update eventually


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I, too, think I‘m getting a better understanding of the requirement...

1/ preference to retain safe (minimum) speed option as part of the game.

2/ requirement to stop all cars at the tap of a button.

And, if you are walking around supporting the kids at the same time... perhaps the button should be on a wireless fob. This should all be do-able using the bluetooth platform embedded within the ARC PRO... but I suspect it would need some professional help from an experienced design team...?


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a separate controller did the race control with pbpro-sh about a decade ago

believe apb had the capability too but shelved it here out of frustration before exploring futher

so sounds just needs an app upgrade now

and would justify purchase of another controller for scaly promotion


in the mean time

expecting many high speed crashes would call for better track padding to  protect toys more


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Sorry! So i tried setting the Calabration to 0 and even though the car did not move, once in RACE mode

and i "Yellow Flag" it the car slows down to a crawl. I quess this could work. Turning the power off, stops

every thing, but a "Overload warning" comes up and the only way to get rid of it is to turn the power back on.

The good thing is when u turn it back on the cars are still calibrated.  It would be great if there was a simple

stop button.


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even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes

appears drc was right about yellow flag


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Above post while slightly ‘of topic’ does contain an interesting metaphor which, for me, brings two important thoughts to mind...

1/ does the sight impaired squirrel find the nuts because it uses all of its other sensory inputs working collectively to help pin point the food?

2/ or does the squirrel live within a ‘caring community‘ which helps ensure those squirrels which have difficulties finding food are supported?

Sorry if this off topic - but it ‘kind-of‘ follows on from the wider scope and perspective introduced in the previous post.

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