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SArc Pro burning (killing) motors and digital chips.


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Greetings to all Scalectrix funs!

I have finally decided to purchase Arc Pro upgrade.

There is normally 4 of us playing.

I use it with my iPad 4 and digital cars from previous 2015-2016 sets. Also use 2 power supplies when use > 3 cars.

Out of the box after very first two 10 min endurance races 2 of the cars stopped running with burning smell and dead both motor and digital plug... Kids were devastated, because it was their present.

I also noticed some random behaviour: 1. some controllers rubmbe, some do not (and yes, the option to ramble is on on all of them). 2. neither laps counter nor best time displayed when Endurance race is selected; only works in Quick race option. 3. cars calibration have no effect whatsoever; I measured output with my volts/ohmmeter. 4. when connect cars after resetting both the base and the app move dead slow for some unfathomable reasons, then suddely start running at full speed, flying off tracks and bracking bodywork (not nice). 5. yesterday the app desided to reset its self deleting ALL settings that kids, being so exited, spent so much time customising!

Could you let me know what I'm doing wrong, please? Or you released a beta version of sofware and testing it on your customers?

I do apologise to say this, but this is unfair. Are you planning to test your app using your customers?

I would realy like you to prove me wrong.

Many thanks.



Andy P.

1937 posts

Community Moderator

Please use the link at the right to contact Customer Care.

If the cars are newish (less than 5 years old) and were pre-chipped (i.e. factory chipped) there is likely something wrong with the ARC PRO powerbase itself.

The APP doesn't have control of the powerbase to the degree to cause any of the bahavior you are describing.

If this is a new purchase you should be able to get replacement from the retailer but I suggest contacting customer care as they should have a look as to what the fault actually is.

I have the same issue with  a power base that was purchased last week. So far I have lost 3 chips to the issue.

Similar diagnostic - burning smell then completely dead chip. 


1133 posts

Hi Alan - welcome to the forum.


The digital chips do sometimes blow for various reasons... but three in a week does suggest something other than random chance. I have blown two C8515 digital plugs in 8 years - one a random fault repaired with a new component, the other by truing the rear tyres and overloading the chip (lesson learned). Others at my club have shorted C8515s and the C7005 retro-fit chips with loose wires, loose ballast and faulty soldering (of the C7005s). Very occasionally the fault can be in the car - for example, the wiring loom wrongly connected inside the car at the factory, or the rear axle binding.


If the 3 chips have blown in the same car, I would check the car’s rear axle moves freely and then remove the car’s body to inspect the wiring very carefully - contact Scalextric Customer Services (details right or below) with pictures of what you find inside and of the three blown chips.


If the 3 chips have blown in different cars, it suggests a fault in the ARC Pro power base (I would expect a fault in the track to cause the power base to go into safety mode). Again, contact Scalextric Customer Services with a description of the fault and some pictures of the chips.


I hope that helps.

Andy Player

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