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SArc pro dont understand


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Can someone please explain why would scalextric make it so you have to go right to left for the lap counter to work, when every race that I've ever seen goes counter clockwise.Including track and field, motor sports, bicycling . Doesn't make sense to me.


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I dont understand the issue here, for clockwise tracks I place the powerbase with the electronics module/block on the outside of the circuit while for counter clockwise I place the powerbase with the electronics module/block on the inside of the circuit. I slghtly prefer the inside configuration (counter clockwise) since the layout takes up marginally less space.


Makes perfect sense to me!




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The right-left direction is because that’s how the sensors in the track must work. But, as Dr_C said, you only have to turn the powerbase 180-degrees to change from clockwise to counter-clockwise.


It’s the same with almost all Scalextric powerbases - apart from the latest Stock Car Challenge set, where the powerbase runs the oval counter-clockwise. Perhaps it’s because most British and European race tracks run clockwise? 

Andy Player

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

Actually you will find that 90% of the motorsport world wide run clockwise. The counter-clockwise thing is more prominent in North America.

Many H0 tracks (Tyco, AFX) run counter-clockwise as they are more focused on  North America.

In any case, as DR_C said, flip the powerbase around and it will work fine...

This does mean though that if you want a pit lane that goes into the infield you will need a left-hand entry.

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