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SARC PRO IR sensor extension?

Say I want 4 lanes of racing and say I happen to have an extra 1/4 straight from a turn lane changer, say C7007, which has IR sensors in it.  Could I just wire those IR sensors into the existing two on the ARC PRO base so that when a car transverses any lane an IR sensor triggers and a lap is counted?

Does the ARC PRO care which IR sensor activated or just that an IR sensor activated?

Andy P.

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DR_C has dissected quite a few ARC PROs (I have nightmares of zombie powerbases rising up in anarchy) and can answer definitely but my guess is that the sensors are different.

There are, if I remember, actually 2 different sensors in the powerbase and only one counts laps. It also has to trigger this to the APP, whether this is in the APP itself or in the powerbase I don't know as it is all a bit of black magic to me.

The 4-lane digital topic has been discussed but some very capable people to if I recall no one has found an easy solution, yet....



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Hi chris_bomicino and Andy P,


As you say Andy lots of discussion to date on this topic re 4 lane ARC PRO but not aware that anyone has done it as yet.


My view is that the simple doubling-up approach is unlikely to work as the ARC PRO puts the signal line low until the blade detector sensor is interupted. Its only when the blade detect sensor is interupted that the signal from the IR LED on the underside of the car is passed through to the powerbase electronics.


Hence there are three issues in attempting to use a lane changer sensor paralled up...


1/ the sensor design is different and does not incorporate a blade sensor.

2/ you would have to find a suitable signal point on the sensor board as the standard output jack is designed to power a solenoid rather than couple into a circuit as a pull-down transistor.

3/ the main blade detect signal in the ARC PRO blocks all signals anyway until it itself detects a blade, so n signals would get through if paralled up..


All of the above makes the challenge difficult but not impossible...


I, with others, am currently developing a small circuit board which will use a microcontroller to interface to all the necessary sensors for a four lane start/finish line (and up to two pit lanes). The microcontroller will then output signals correctly onto the main circuit board of the ARC PRO.


This is quite a complex project involving new hardware and new embedded software. Not easy!


I hope all of the above is helpful... and, of course, if there is any easier way to do all of this... I would love to hear from others...




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