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SARC Pro is driving me crazy...


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I've bought the ARC Pro and I'm trying to get my head around it. Some of my questions have been answered on this forum (thanks for that) but others.... I haven't found yet.

So, a couple to start with:

1) I want to be able to run a tournament but the options seem to be pretty limited. What I thought I would be able to do is create (say) 10 drivers and have them 'round-robin' against each other. I tried this with just a couple of controllers but it looks to me as if I have to set up all six controllers, even if I want to have (say) two drivers per heat. Can it be done?

2) I sometimes get to a point when I put a car on the track and it starts, very slowly, driving itself round the track. I can't figure out the circumstances of when this happens but it continues until I swithc off the app and pull the power. Is this a bug or am I putting the car inadvertantly into Pace Car mode?



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Hi Lannoc - welcome to the forum!


1) the tournament mode is pretty limited. Personally, I don’t bother and use either pen and paper or a simple spreadsheet to manage the race data from the app. I know the developer of the unofficial Magic app for ARC Pro was looking at a more user-friendly tournament mode, but I don’t know how far he got with it...


2) that does sound like some sort of pace car mode has kicked in... I’ve not seen it myself. If it continues to occur, it is worth reporting it as a bug. There are details of what you need to tell Scalextric in the ninth post of the thread here:


I hope that helps!

Andy Player

Andy P.

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To figure out the Pace Car issue, always make sure you go through the same steps and only change one factor ata  time, for example, power off and on the powerbase, start the app after making sure it was rcompletely "off" (swipe it out of the way and then restart it) and try whatever race mode you want.

The only other thing that could be doing this is something wonky on the digital chip but if the cars work well otherwise I doubt this is the answer..

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