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SArc Pro Powerbase - 2 Power sockets


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I’be been unable to find - on this Scalextric site, the Hornby site, or any other site! - a 15v 4 amp power supply for sale (for use as a second power supply for ARC Pro).

Any suggestions?


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Hi wbweisss - welcome to the forum.


This is what you’re looking for:


It’s out of stock on the UK Scalextric site, but should be in stock with retailers, such as this one:


If you’re based outside the UK, it is a good idea to contact your regional Scalextric / Hornby distributor who will be able to point you in the right direction.


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Thanks, woodcote 

I’m in the US and have reached out to the regional Hornby distributor.

related: do you know of there being any consequences from using a 15v 1.2a power supply - such as that provided with arc air - as the 2nd power supply?


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I wouldn’t recommend it. To run a decent sized track with more than 3 cars, plus lane changers, pit entry pieces and the powerbase, ARC Pro is designed to take two 4 amp power supplies. 


In North America, you are looking for a C7033 power supply. That’s the same as the UK C7024 but with a plug for an American mains outlet. I notice they are in stock here:


I’m sure they will also be in stock at other Scalextric and Hornby retailers. It is the same powner supply that is used with Hornby model railroad digital command control systems.

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

It really has to be 4 amp. On the SloCar Illustrated and SlotForum (ad Facebook) the US rep is Dave Kennedy. You can contact him directly.


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Updated part # for the power supply is P9303.  I picked one up @


P9303 Scalextric High Performance Digital Transformer - 15V 4 amp DC


20 posts  has their "stocklist" which shows all the stores, dealers in the US. You have to b like the rest of us and write to them all to find the one piece you need! Then pay for it. . .

@sgtada  has their "stocklist" which shows all the stores, dealers in the US. You have to b like the rest of us and write to them all to find the one piece you need! Then pay for it. . .


That's a waste of time. I found them for $14.99 plus shipping (

I received mine yesterday and it works perfectly. 

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