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SArc Pro Track - Compatibility

Finished my superspeedway track.  It's deisgned to run a square oval type of track for the superspeedway, however, by replacing the straight piece next to the power base and replacing it with an R2, I can redirect racers into the center roadcourse when "more skilled" racing is deemed.  Racing is clockwise for both tracks.


My question tho with the Arc Pro, which I have that link somewhere, is how Arc Pro deals with single lane merging. I have two areas of concern.  I'm concerned about pit lane as I want it so the Driver has to swap lanes when trying to exit, otherwise they are just rerouted back into pit lane (I prefer my tracks to be driver intensive).  Also with the road course dumping back onto the superspeedway.  I'm going from two lanes down to 1, then that 1 lane merging back onto the superspeedway.


Suggestions Please!!


Andy P.

1937 posts

Community Moderator

For non-road course work, at first glance, it appears your layout should work.

The pit lane should work as you like.

I would want to enlarge the picture to be sure though.

You will usually read that ARC PRO does not allow reducing to single lane but that usually assumes your are reducing from the man two lanes to a single lane. In your case you are mostly reducing the 2 lanes that have fanned out after a 4-lane increase back to 1 lane which should work.

I thin the road course heading back on to the super speedway is an issue though.

The entry combines both lanes which will cause a short.

I am not clear though how you plan on getting them onto the road course in the first place though. Are you swapping some track?

It looks like the entry is an R1 curve near the power base.

If you are swapping track anyway you move the 3 lane XLC changers on the left closer to the curves, extend the inside road after the right-hand curve that is after the hairpin by a half or standard length and then when you are read for road course racing replace a standard length on the with a 90° curve (R2, R3 or whatever) to get back on the super speedway.

The only other option would be to use a pit entry to get on the road course and a pit exit to get back on.

Again, I would need a larger picture (my laptop screen is small) and maybe a play with it to be sure....

Oh,, and I am pretty sure you need jumper cables and definitely 2 power packs!



Thanks for the feedback !!


I wanted to make swapping between oval and road course as simple as possible, and I was hoping Scalextric would make a turnout piece, aka model trains, wheras it's a mechanical manual piece, so you physically can move a lever to cause cars to go straight or turn, thus, you don't need to swap out pieces or force a racer to have to switch lanes, but i digress.  So, yes, I only swap 1 piece of track to change between the two, and that is an R1 immediately after the powerbase.  The highlighted GREEN straight is removed, the R1 put in.   


I see what you mean, about swapping out the lane change on the left straight, and that would work, but, I wanted to try to keep lane swapping as MINIMAL as possible and right now that is 1 piece.  Again, if Scalextric had a turnout, like model trains do......ah, there I go again....


I was planning on performing the Arc Pro Mod,, thus preventing the "SHORT" condition.  I never run analog so it's no big deal.  I have plenty of Turn Lane Changers I didn't use, but with the mod, I think I can use them, which I may, not sure...still debating.


Looking at when the road course comes back on the super speedway, I'm missing the ability to get cars off of the inside track until almost the point you're going back onto the roadcourse.  That's a problem.  I think I'm going to need those turn lane changers.


1133 posts

As Andy said, the re-entry onto the oval won’t work. The re-entry must come out onto the same two-lane straight as the exit. That will need some tweaking, moving the powerbase back to get the re-entry directly after the exit. Or make that first corner just two lane and use a similar track piece replacement for the re-entry on the following straight. As I’ve said elsewhere, I think you’ll end up racing on the two middle lanes of the oval, using the inside as a slowing down / speeding up lane from the pits - so the multi-lane section is most important on the straights with pit entry and exit.


I also don’t really understand the pit lane. Personally, I’d have a single lane where you have a double lane and a double lane where you have a single - so people are not held up by a slow pit stop in front of them. There is often enough confusion and missed stops with a simple pit lane, I fear the potential of getting stuck in a never-ending pitlane loop might not be fun at all ;-)


One final comment (you did ask!) - be careful with lane changers so close together. To change lanes, you need to press the button a foot or so in advance and hold. If there’s a changer immediately after your scheduled change, there’s a risk you’ll take that too - or you’ll be too quick off the button and miss your planned change. I’d leave 3 or 4 straights between each changer on a quick track like your oval. On a four lane track, you need to plan a multi-lane manoeuvre (eg outside to pit lane), you will be doing this over several laps - one missed change and you’re back to square one, out of fuel and fuming... Another reason I’m not a fan of four-lane digital home tracks. Why not move some of the lane changers onto the roadcourse?


I do really like the oval/roadcourse combination concept - I’ve seen it work well on HO and 1/32 layouts. But it does need to give the best of both worlds. I like your roadcourse (apart from the complete lack of lane changers and the unnecessary racing crossovers), I just think you’d be better with a 2 lane oval (with 3 lanes around the pits). That would save you some cash to spend on other stuff too :-)

Andy Player

Andy P.

1937 posts

Community Moderator

There were manual switches on the old Classic "goodwood" style pits.

In theory you could take any digital piece and modify it.

Otherwise I can only echo what woodcote says...


1133 posts

I've put together some alternative ideas for each component - two-lane oval, simple traditional pit lane with two lanes and six pit boxes, plus (thanks to more space on the infield) a slightly longer road course with some R3 sweeping bends. Each is an evolution of your plan rather than starting from scratch. We'll have to wait to Monday for the image to be approved though...

Andy Player

"As Andy said, the re-entry onto the oval won’t work. The re-entry must come out onto the same two-lane straight as the exit."

I guess I'm daft on this topic.  I've modified my Arc Pro to only run Digital, thus, all power is in phase.  So, I can't short out any combination, albeit, I can't run analog anymore but I never had.  Obviously I'm missing something still....ugh, any further clarification please??


I like your roadcourse (apart from the complete lack of lane changers and the unnecessary racing crossovers),

I have a ton of track, so for me, it's finding the best combination not so much do I have it.  When I design a track, I normally start out with just basic turns and straights, just to get all the "ends" to line up.  Then I go back over and swap out parts with chicanes, lane changers, etc.  I agree, I'll be adding a few lane changers in the road course as well.


And above all, thanks for the huge feedback and help on this, it is truly appreciated!!



1133 posts

I hadn't realised you'd already modified the ARC Pro powerbase to avoid the need to isolate the two lanes. In that case, your layout plan works electrically - although I think you might find swapping out pieces for the return to the oval more satisfying than using the pit exit pieces.  My advice with any slot car track is that most of your questions will only be answered when you build it and run it. If you have all the track now, build your design and run it and see what feels right and what doesn't.


Like I mentioned earlier - it might be useful to try out each element separately. Build the oval, run on it and see if you like it. I suspect you won't like racing on the inside and outside lanes, taking those pit entry and exit pieces at full tilt. But you might... You won't know until you build it and race on it. Then build and try the pit lane. Use it with the various simulations in the app and, ideally in racing conditions with novices. You'll be pitting every 10-12 laps, so it will be a well-used feature of the layout. Get some feedback, try some different configurations. Do the same with the roadcourse. I suspect there's a lot of testing and tweaking to be done. You might decide on some minor changes or major revisions. A diagram is just a start, the real work starts when you build and test :-)

Andy Player


1133 posts

Here are some ideas I sketched out for each element - oval, pits and road course...


Andy Player

Thanks everyone again for the feedback.  I went back and started to make some changes.  I merged many of the ideas back into my design.

I'm still just swapping out 1 piece of track, it's the pit lane piece (see arrow).  That piece comes out, the R1 connects up to it right after the powerbase and then the R2 connects up right before the large bank.  So, pull pit lane piece, connect up two more and I can swap between superspeedway oval (close enough) and road course.

I understand the debate about the inside lane being a racing lane versus being a dedicated off ramp for pit lane.  I went back and forth quite a bit on this, I have about 15 different variations on my planning software to attest to it.  In the end there were several factors at play, for me, for know, I'll go with it and try it out.

Yes, I like the sideswipes, it forces the racer to think about the racing lane, and the R2 crossings on the road course, there's a racing line through them hitting the apex, I wanted the racer to have to ACTIVELY think about where they are, whats coming up, and how to move around to get the fastest time.  I wanted to avoid the "stay in one lane and that's the fastest lap" layout.

So, here it is:


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