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SArc Pro Track - Compatibility

Andy P.

2058 posts

Community Moderator

I see you added a curved lane changer... you know that has to be modified to wotk in ARC PRO, right?


1133 posts

Time to build it, run it and discover what aspects add to the racing experience and what you want to lose.


In my experience, less is often more in digital racing - the less you have to think about in regard to the track gives you more time to think about racing the other cars, lining up an overtake and executing a perfect pit stop.

Andy Player

@Andy P.

I see you added a curved lane changer... you know that has to be modified to wotk in ARC PRO, right?

Ok, confused, I thought the mod to the Arc Pro power base took care of all issues, not just single lane and such?  I miss something?


311 posts

Yep the ARC PRO powerbase mod (either of the two shown on slotforum international) put the polarity of the digital signals on the two lanes into phase matching. Hence, 2-into-1 chicanes and unmodified LCLs will then function correctly for the system operating in digital mode.


Andy P.

2058 posts

Community Moderator

There are many mods out there and I am not sure which one you are planning.

Some keep analog mode, some don't.

When you originally posted your first layout we pointed out that you had a 2 to 1 chicane and that wouldn't work so I assumed you were trying to keep analog mode.

If you don't need analog then as DR C said you don't have to worry anout either.

Using this mod:


Andy P.

2058 posts

Community Moderator

Then my commment in my first post is no longer relevant. You could have used your first layout all along.

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