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Sarc pro vs. 1042

Can I race against 5 pacers and pit  durring that race using arc pro?

Also, will I be able to set the pace of each car as a pacer.?


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Not using the official Scalextric ARC app - the pace car feature is limited to one car and no pitting or lane-changing for that car. Of course you can programme multiple cars to the pace car ID and start them at different points around the circuit for plenty of overtaking practice.


The unofficial Magic ARC app does have more pace car options. It is avaiable for Android, Apple iOS and Windows devices running Bluetooth 4.0 and higher.

Thus, 1042 wins hands down.  Thanks for the feedback.  I will continue to use my 1042 in conjunction with the rcs64 software to conduct my races.  Eventhough its not perfect either, I am able to race and pace all cars with pitting involved.  


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My opinion is that the Advanced Powerbase (APB) with computer software (RCS64, SSDC etc) is the better system. Add wireless controllers and it’s as good as Scalextric digital gets - at the moment. However, ARC Pro is a fabulous entry-level system and costs a fraction of the price of the APB + all the add-ons. And it does almost as much... especially with the Magic app. I suspect, in time, ARC Pro will develop into another excellent system, perhaps offering even more than the APB? 


My advice to current digital racers using the APB is that they don’t need to switch. For new digital racers - or digital users wanting to upgrade from the old 4-car powerbase - I would suggest ARC Pro as it is very good value, has great features out of the box and is at the start of its development process. I now use ARC Pro at home and a full-on APB system at my local Scalextric digital club.

What is this APB?  Ive never heard of it.  Where wold i see it in action?


805 posts

Thats what I have.  Please excuse the error. I called it the 1042 instead of 7042.

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