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SARC PRO with 12V Power Supply ?

Alex M.

4 posts

Hi there,

is it possible to use 12V Power Supply(s) for the ARC-PRO?

In my opinion, the 15V make the cars too fast. I know that i can reduce the Speed of the Cars and/or Drivers in the App. But often we drive just for fun without the App and so the Cars get the full 15V.

If it is possible with 12V, how many AMP may the power supplies have then? Only 4A as the original 15V Power Supplies or more? If more, what is the maximum for 12V?

Thanks, Alex


760 posts

Hi Alex - welcome to the forum! As you say, ARC Pro and ARC Air are designed to offer adjustable power via the Max Power menu in the app. The throttle curve options in the app are also useful. The ARC Pro powerbase is designed to accept one or two 15V 4Amp power supplies. Dropping that input by 3 volts may have various unwanted side-effects on the functioning of the powerbase.


I have a feeling that Dr_C had a look at this. The powerbase will be handling the power is a specific way, so a 3V deficit could be an issue. The voltage input doesn’t just power the track, it also powers the electronics in the powerbase - the wireless controller receiver and the BlueTooth system to communicate with the app. Dr_C will hopefully be able to give you a definitive answer on the 12V question - or you could give it a go and see what happens.


There is power overload protection. I don’t know exactly at how many amps this kicks in.


286 posts

Hi all, i havent tried the ARC PRO powerbase with any powersupplies other than standard 15V. I would recommend sticking with either one or two of standard supplies... then use the app to adjust power levels as advised in above post. For casual racing, brief use of the app to set power levels still makes sense... even if you are not planning to use the lap counting and more advanced race features.



Alex M.

4 posts

As i wrote, we often drive without the App and so, we have no way to adjust the power levels.

Found this: it seems to be working.But i'd still like to know how much amp the 12V power supplies can have, so i don't damage anything.


286 posts

The above sf thread is an interesting find thanks for sharing... I remember when a group of us were briefly trying to slow down magless SSD McLarens on an ARC PRO powered publc event... as we reduced the power the powerbase became unreliable before we got to the point where the cars could be driven with heavy fingers without excessive deslotting. I think this whole subject deserve further investigation and reporting of findings... are you up for sharing-back what you find in terms of reliability as supply voltage is reduced?

On the subject of current, the ARC PRO has internal resistors which monitor current and which are designed to provide voltage signals to trigger power shut down in current overload situations. Do these circuits still function correctly when reduced voltages are used? It would be good to have a definitive answer from experts on this point... so again your question is great...



Alex M.

4 posts

Do these circuits still function correctly when reduced voltages are used? It would be good to have a definitive answer from experts on this point

That would be really good to know.I don't want to destroy the ARC-PRO with my Tests.

Alex M.

4 posts

And now?No Experts answers Cry


1 post

Hi Alex, I have succesfully operated ARC PRO with a variable voltage power supply, 10 volts appears to be the low end of voltage it is happy with. just plug it in and go, no mods needed!



4 posts


I too have kids and experienced the same problem you had using the ARC Pro with the standard two 15V 4A power supplies.  Between races and when the ARC Pro was off, the cars were just way too fast. 

I went ahead and ordered two 12V 4A laptop power supplies with 6.3mm x 3mm tips (the ends of the stock ARC Pro power supplies are also the same stock ends for Toshiba laptop chargers..apparently).  

Anyway, mission accomplished!  

It was just enough of a power drop to help the less experienced racers run magnet-free cars like the rest of us. 

The power supplies were less than $10 each.  Just be careful when shopping for them. Most 12V supplies are going to be only 1-2A.  I wanted to keep the amps at a minimum of 4 based on comments from other forums.

Finally, there are a number of laptop adapter tips to convert a laptop supply to 6.3mm x 3mm.  I ended up using tip connectors on the two units I bought.  The standard Toshiba power supplies were mostly 19V....just the opposite of what I was trying to do.   

Good luck!


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