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SCar Specs...?

Quite like the look of this...


Does the car have working lights and is it DPR. Cant seem to find anything on the site?


WRC fan and Scalextric fan

Andy P.

2113 posts

Community Moderator

They look exactly like the "START" rally cars that have been available quite some time.

My guess is at that price point they will not be DPR and not have lights of any kind BUT I have a few of these older models and there is a convenient hole at the perfect spot behind the guide and a retro chip (C7005)  fits perfectly in there. If you use something like JST plug and bluetack to hold the LED in place you can easily get the retro chip back out.

Lights can be added using many of the after market options out there...


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I notice that some Scalextric cars ie Aston Martin Racing have a sideways mounted motor.

My Porsche RSR has a normal inline motor.

How can you tell when purchasing which are sidewonders ?


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It's a piece of info that would be good to have included in each listing on the Scalextric website. However, Pendle Slot Racing's website includes very detailed technical specifications and a picture of the underside of the car. I use that information whenever I am considering a purchase. The Scalextric listings are here:

Andy Player

Andy P.

2113 posts

Community Moderator

Most of Scalextric's cars these days are inliners. Sidewinders you can sometimes spot because the spur (axle) gear is sometimes visible next to the wheel.

Or you can check some of the retailers as woodcote said...


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Thanks for the reply Woodcote and Andy-P re sidewinders 

I have looked at the Pendle Slot Racing site good info 


8 posts

Found a good article on chassis upgrades and info on sidewinder vs NS motors

in Blog-Test Track  "there is always room for improvement"  on 26/2/2016

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