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SCombining c7015 & c7036 for long pit lane


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Finaly got around to testing the Arc Pro, only to realize several limitations apply. Like incompatability with the curved lane changer thus forcing me to change layout. So before I splash out any more cash I would very much like to know if anyone here has tried combining the pit lane with the straight lane changer?

I've seen it made possible with an SCX digital layout, so I guess my question is this: Is a layout such as this (with a long pit lane section combining a c7015 with a c7036) possible in a Scalectric digital layout?


This layout also has the advantage of being expandable to 4 lanes, should a digital multilane expansion ever become available.

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

To ensure greater analgo compatibility ARC PRO requries that the two lanes never touch.

This is not usually a problem with currently available i.e. in stock digital pieces such as the straight lane changer and pit entries as long as the pit entries are not used to reduce everything down to one lane.

Nothing jumps out in the layout above as being a problem with ARC PRO as the lanes are never crossed.

I am not sure what you mean but a straight lane changer inside a pit lane will work fine.

There are lots of threads on here (and at about modifying curved lane changers to work with ARC PRO as well as the general things to consider when creating a layout.


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Hi Tomistil - welcome to the forum.


You're right that a curved lane changer normally needs to be modified to work with ARC Pro. I presume it was a right-hand in-to-out at the pit exit? Did you try it there and did you get an overload error? As you are joining an additional lane (the pits) to one of the main lanes, I would think you might get away with it... Or maybe not! The pit exit in the track design looks fine.


I wouldn't recommend putting a straight lane changer (XLC) in the pits where you have placed it. It will certainly function with ARC Pro, but if you are running several cars on track it takes up important pit stall space and serves no purpose that I can see? In addition, stationary cars will tend to stall on the flippers of the XLC. Personally, I would use that double lane pit area to have standard straights and four (or even six) pit stalls. You can number them 1 & 2 in the first row and then 3 & 4 behind - that way you reduce congestion in the pits. Of course, if you made the double lane pit section much longer, a XLC would help to reduce congestion even more. You could also use the XLC elsewhere in the circuit to give an extra overtaking point. I'd place it just before the corner where the pits come out. I'd also move the XLC on the longest straight to just before the 180-degree corner. Having an XLC in the deceleration zone makes for a much better overtaking opportunity than losing momentum halfway down a long straight.


Other ARC Pro pit tips include ensuring that the powerbase is outside of the pit section - before the pit entry or after the pit exit. Otherwise, cars will miss a lap when they pit. Also, any pit sensors (eg Pit Pro Deluxe) will not work with ARC Pro at the moment. ARC Pro is only one year old, so I suspect third-party upgrades like pit sensors and multilane extensions will come in time - perhaps after the USB port protocols have been released.


I hope that helps.

Andy Player


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Hi woodcote

Thanks for commenting. You are spot on by the way. Sadly the curved lane changers are not mine to tweak, so I will just omit them entirely.

I want the xlc in the pit lane to ad a touch og realism, that’s all. I expect no more than 3 or 4 cars on the track at any one time, so congesting the pit lane should not be a problem.

The long straight xlc might very well end up at the end of the straight, but as the track is diving half way to ground level at exactly that point, I was affraid that could trigger some xlc performance issues.

A few suggestions..but first a question. In your layout, where does the Power Base go?


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At the moment it sits quite happily on the long straight bridge section.


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Yes this will work. First on, ANYTHING of Scalextric Products, which they will Not tell you, Test it on your floor, kitchen, garage, etc. to see if it really works! You can look these things up online but it doesn't mean you will find Problems with the item. It is tough fitting layouts in our mind in what we want/design. Always changing and Testing is what makes the "sport/ hobby" interesting. Scalextric has some Good ideas and Products but they don't tell us that these won't work on the next Generation Power-Bases! 

Andy P.

1883 posts

Community Moderator

Scalextric has some Good ideas and Products but they don't tell us that these won't work on the next Generation Power-Bases!

I think it has been dutifully communicated in multiple places about what is required should one want to use old, discontinued products.

My iPad Mini 2 is just over 5 years old and Apple continues crippling it and has stopped supporting it over 2 years ago.

In a world where we tend to burn through products that cost hundreds of $$$/€€€ on a regular bases (how many mobile devices/tablets/laptops have you had in the past 10 years?) I find it a bit perplexing that people demand support for products that have discontinued for over 10 years and even then did not offer full analog compatibility at the time.

ARC PRO supports all currently available track pieces (digital and otherwise) with the only mild exception being if you use a pit entry to go down to one lane, which would not allow analog compatibility in any case anyhow.

The fact that there is a solution at all to get these older pieces working is thanks to the great work and comradery  of the users on this forum and other places.

With the thousands of people out there using Scalextric products the chances that someone, somewhere will come up with some combination that was not originally thought of in the design phase is much better than your chances of winning the lottery.

I never quite understand the motivation of people in being overly critical of a manufacturer. 

Clear constructive comments and critiques are always welcome but making blanket statements such as "they never tell you" insensitive and to a degree disingenuous.


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arc pro usage warnings were issued at all normal digital slot sites starting end of 2017

there are several solutions for the problems found pinned at slot forum scaly digital

personally use the permanent reverse the lead wires for 1 lane to make it digital only base and it works great with all track pieces

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