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SARC Direction Switch?

Hi. Does the Arc one  power base come with a switch to reverse direction ?

Reason - I have an anologue long track which I have wired up via a switch(was a tricky mod) which means I can run races in either directions by a flick of a switch.

Or would I need to have 2 powder bases fitted to track to run in opposite directions  and run the actual mains power feed via a switch so they could not both be powered up at the same time. Obviously you would need to plug controllers into whichever one is switched to power. 

Andy P.

1883 posts

Community Moderator

Hi Dave,

The sensors only work in one direction on ARC ONE AFAIK i.e. clockwise. While you could fit two in opposite directions I am not sure if there could be a problem with the circutiry...


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Andy would you happen to know if the arc Pro has the ability to switch directions?

Andy P.

1883 posts

Community Moderator

No. All ARC powerbases only work in one direction. If you want to use it in the other direction you have to turn it around 180°.

Many users have done this without problems.

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