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SDifficulties with 4 car Sunset Speedway Set


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Can anybody help?

I have just bought a Scalextric Sunset Speedway Set for the family for Christmas and fortunately decided to check it out before hand! I then found out that I needed 2xAA batteries for each digital handset. This was not made clear when I purchased the set.

The second problem that I have come across is that I cannot seem to be able to reassign handsets with cars. I think that this may be due to the fact that I only have one P9300 transformer when I might I need two, if I am going to run 4 cars on the same track. Could someone confirm please that this is correct. I am both surprised and disappointed that I was not informed of this when I purchased the set.

Again, when checking things out yesterday, I found that the track crossover no longer works and that the cars now run at an excessive speed when your lightly press down on the trigger. I have taken a look at the forums and the advice is to switch the track flipper across to change track and then manually guide the car over that part of the track with the sensor to ensure that the flippers work correctly. In my case they don't. I have tried this and nothing happens. The track crossover is no longer working. Can anybody advise what to do please?

Finally, I have found the car calibration menu on the Arc Pro iPad software. However, when I try and increase the car speed (using the + icon), none of the cars will start moving. Yet when I use the digital handset I can get the car to go, although it goes off so fast that it always comes off the track. Can anybody advise what the problem is please and how to correct?

I would also like to say that Scalextric should produce a series of training videos that are easy to understand on the Internet. It would make such a difference to people wanting to buy and correctly use Scalextric. I bought a Scalextric set for our children back in the late 90's and wanted to use this original track with the new digital capabilities. I have found it a real struggle understanding what needs to be done to get it all to work. I am sure that with some professional videos from Scalextric on "How to upgrade to digital when you have an older set", "The ins and outs of Scalextric Digital" would really help people like me to better understand, make better choices and at the end of the day both buy and have better fun with what in principle looks like a great product.


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Hi Ashleigh - welcome to the forum!


It is always very wise to check out a complex system like ARC Pro well before the big day. Yes, the controllers require 2 x AA batteries in each - I recommend good quality alkalines, like Energizer or Duracell.


The Sunset Speedway set comes with everything you need for racing three cars. If you want to race four cars, you will need to add a fourth digital car (for example, a Digital Plug Ready car + a C8515 digital plug) as well as a fourth C8438 ARC Air/Pro Wireless hand controller. It is true that a second P9300 transformer is recommended to run more than three cars. Running four cars with just one transformer may be rather marginal on power. For five or six cars you will definitely need a second transformer.


I suggest getting the layout going without the app to begin with. Use the ARC Pro Quick Start Guide as your reference point. It explains how to connect cars, controllers, how to place the pit lane and powerbase, use the lane changers and pit entry etc. There is also a small switch on the left side of the powerbase which toggles between the standard digital mode and the optional 'analogue' mode (traditional one-car-per-lane running for cars without digital chips). In analogue mode, the lane changers will not function. I wonder if you have your powerbase in analogue mode? Make sure the switch is to the right (digital). Analogue mode only works with the red and green controllers, which control the lanes rather than the cars


Only when you have the hang of the basic powerbase settings and procedures in the Quick Start Guide should you move on to the app. Information about the app is quite basic in the Quick Start Guide, but is a good basis to start exploring the app. If you need more, I have written a guide to using the app, which is hosted on the SlotRacer Online website. The guide focuses on learning the functions of the app through hands-on racing. It might be worth reading:


Finally, although it is possible to link a 1990s Scalextric set to a modern Scalextric Digital layout (via the C8222 converters), I wouldn't recommend it. Scalextric Digital requires very good track connections, which the current Sport track provides (with good maintenance). The older (pre-2001) 'Classic' track is more temperamental, as well as having a shallower slot depth that the latest cars have problems with. To build a bigger Scalextric Digital layout, I would stick with the Sport track.


I hope that is helpful.

Andy Player


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Thank you for your quick and very detailed response, it is very much appreciated. I will definitely take a look at your guide.

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