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SDigital lap counter options

I tried an Arc Air, it was used and I got ripped off, but in my search for a repair I found a lot of people selling to have problems with them. It doesn't seem like a stable piece of electronics.


What other options are available for a digital lap counter that maybe has an alarm for the completion?

Any suggestions?


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Hi MichaelDrag, I am a bit puzzled... I have several ARC AIR powerbases and they all work perfectly. Are you saying you bought a faulty second hand unit? If so, what problems are you experiencing with it? Also, you mention digital... but of course the ARC AIR is for analog two car systems... are you looking for a lap counter for an analog system, but wih a digital display read-out?

I am sure with a bit more information a number of enthusiasts on this forum will be able to help you... perhaps even we will be able to diagnose the problems you are experiencing with your current powerbase...


Yes I bought one second hand. He swears it was good, days he'd take it back if it wasn't, then accused me io lying, but that's water under the bridge.


With or without a car I get an overload alert when i squeeze the trigger only on lane two.


When I say digital lap counter I don't menm for a digital track, I mean something that digitally counts laps.


As u Google about the Arc Air it seems like there are a lot of problems with them people are reporting.


I'm hesitant to sends another $80 on a new one if it's going to cause problems since I'm already out the used one.


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Hi Michael. There are lots of options. It depends what features you want.


I really like ARC as a home system. ARC Air has loads of features for laptiming and gameplay. I would suggest buying new - you always run a risk with something that is used and being sold no-returns. On your other thread I have made a few suggestions of clearing the short circuit.


An alternative to ARC Air is ARC One. This has fewer features - a lap timer plus pit stops for optional fuel and tyre simulations. Some users have used the ARC One unit as a stand-alone timer with a separate analogue power base. This mod is necessary:


There is an older Scalextric C8215 lap counter. DS also have their DS-200 for high-end home use. Carrera have a lap timing bridge, which should work okay with a Scalextric layout.


For high-end home use and club tracks, there are systems like the DS-300 and Trackmate. Both can be used with various race management programs like Race Co-ordinator. A google search will take you to these and to various discussions on Slot car forums.


I hope that gets you started, but have a go with fixing your ARC Air - I like it very much and several of my club-mates have them. Not of us have had the problems you describe.


Andy Player


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Ok, I now see that this thread is about alternatives to the ARC AIR while there is a separate thread on the subject of looking into possible diagnostics for repairing the powerbase... so I will contribute there... good luck!



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