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SDigital vs. Analog ARC Pro and Slot-It


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Hey everyone,

I'm a 50+ year old guy and bought my first Scalextric set four years ago.  I upgraded to digital, and have a few digital cars, and a few analog cars.  I love the features the ARC system delivers.  But now I'm stuck as my car split is 50-50 (have about eight cars).  My local hobby shop friend says go for the ARC Pro that runs digital cars.

Sorry for the basic questions, but they are:

1-Agree with his advice? Will ARC pro also have the same features for my analog cars? If this is true, seems better to me to go with the Pro to run both rather than taking digital chips out of digital cars.

2-Another rookie question...Slot-It cars, are they analog or digital and they all run brilliantly on Scalextric track like regular Scalextric cars?  Any other brands of cars that run out of the box well with Scalextric track?

Thanks, apologize for the rookie questions, but steep learning curve here!

Andy P.

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HI Scott,

1-Agree with his advice?

I would say yes. ARC PRO ha replaced the C7042 for the casual and semi-pro racer and is fully capable of being used for competitions. If you have some older digital track pieces such as curved lane changers they will need modifications to work in ARC PRO. ARC PRO was designed for dual analog and digital use which means the lanes must by physcially kept seperate. Let us know if you need help on what that means...There is a switch on the ARC PRO powerbase that changes it to analog mode and it acts the same as an ARC AIR.

The differences are listed here:

But in general apart from lane-changing and the fact that you are limited to 2 cars they are practically the same.

Note: If you run digital cars in analog mode they will have no brakes and probably be very touchy. If you can easily remove the chip for analog use that is recommended.

Regarding queston 2:

Slot.IT and Scalextric have worked together a lot in the past to make some great products. They even make their own digital chip that is compatible with Scaelxtric Digital (ARC PRO) that can handle higher-revving motors. If you use ARC PRO with 2 power packs (supplies) you should be able to run Slot.IT cars in digital or analog mode just fine.

For digital mode you will need a digital chip (decoder). Some Slot.IT's have a compartment for the chip, but nearly any car of any manufacturer can be digitized using teh C7005 retro-chip. If you use readily avilable plugs (like JST plugs) you can even easily take the chips back out.

In analog mode nearly any brand will work just fine on ARC as long as the guide blade is black (or has been blackened) . Some brands' guide blades are too "deep" and need to have a bit shaved off and some are too long to easily navigate the inside of an R1 curve. Here a little trim can help as well.

Magnatraction is of course very different from brand to brand.

Good luck!


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Hi Scott - welcome to the forum.


ARC Pro does have an analogue mode (running all the ARC Air features) as well as full digital. My experience - and the experience of other ARC Pro users - is that chipped cars do not run well in analogue mode. So analogue cars can’t really be raced against digital cars - so it is not a 100% perfect solution to the analogue/digital split. However, it Is easy to work round that. My personal feeling is that the analogue mode is not quite as ‘good’ as a standard analogue powerbase or ARC Air. Other people don’t notice any difference (apart from an audible ‘whine’ with some cars), so maybe it is a case of try-before-you-buy. I actually find myself using analogue mode on ARC Pro more and more - I‘m obviously getting used to it.


Whether you should add ARC Pro to you digital set depends a little on how much you have already added to it. If you have the C7042 Advanced Powerbase, plus USB dongle and PC race management software - then you already have something similar and possibly better than what ARC Pro offers at the moment. You could also add pit lane sensors and wireless controllers. However, from scratch that set-up costs a lot more than ARC Pro. If you have the basic 4-car digital powerbase, ARC Pro will be an awesome upgrade! 


If you don’t already have a digital pitlane, add that to your shopping list. If you have curved lane changers, these will need to be modified to use with ARC Pro. You will also need a compatible smart device to run the ARC app and ideally a tablet to run ARC Pro. There’s more info on this thread:


If you want to add different makes of slot cars to your fleet, almost all 1/32 scale ‘hard body’ cars will work with few modifications, or none. You mention cars - they will run unmodified in analogue mode and if they have a chip fitted will run perfectly in digital. Some models are sold with a SP15B Scalextric Digital chip installed. That chip is designed to convert cars to Scalextric digital and are also sold separately - installation requires two wires to be soldered to the motor. Other brands of car - for example NSR and Scaleauto - are fitted with coloured guide blades, which do not work with ARC systems as the lap sensors can only see black guides. The coloured guides can be blackened with a good-quality black permanent marker or, ideally, changed to black guide like the CH10. Carrera cars are designed to run on bigger 1/24 scale tracks - with a change of guide, they run fine on Scalextric track, but the supplied alternative ‘shallow’ guide is red! Black marker pen can be used - or BRM sell their black S-126 guide to convert Carrera cars to 1/32 track systems like Scalextric.


I hope that helps.

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