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SExtension cables for Digital throttles 7057


I desperately need these for my digital 6 car powebase, but they only seem to be on Amazon for a price of £70+.  Any ideas?



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You may be able to make up your own of exactly the right length.


So far as I can tell the controller is a 2.5mm mono jack (smaller than the common 3.5mm ones) You can get both male and female ends on Ebay for £1.50 each then you just need some cable and the soldering iron! DO NOT use a stereo jack!


As for cable if you want a round one consider microphone cable

 Ok thanks for your help.


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The problem is Scalextric don't have them in the shop and everywhere is out of stock. They are simple enough to make up though. The prices shown by sellers are to put buyers off while stock is zero. The actual C7057 leads were around £7 a pair when they were available!


It is silly that they are not even listed by scalextric anymore I almost feel inclined to make them up for people at custom lengths!

I would buy!


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If you are quick Joto Hobbies have one set in stock as of today!


But I must admit I looked for 3 sets as I can see the advantage of having them, so will get around to doing my own.


Dispite the wrong number in the link the item is C7057

Roughly 2 years late, but I try to bump this thread. 

I have made a table for my circuit were the controllers are plugged in at the side of the table cables are drawn beneath the track and comes up just beside the power base. I have done the same with the power cables. However, the 2,5 mm mono jack is killing me! I have bought from two different stores, but it seems the dimensions are not 100 % correct so either the female is short circuited or the male is not connecting in the power base. Could you please advise me which brand to use?


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Yes, most of 2.5mm plugs are too big to fit underneath the powerbase casing. Either grind out a bigger hole in the plastic casing or shave the plastic coating of the plug. That's what I did. I bought my cables from eBay - stereo extensions are fine.


That part I have figured out. I have shaved of some of the plastics on the plugs, and they fit nicely in the power base, but the base does not detect them. I should perhaps just buy another batch from someone else and cross my fingers? If I go for stereo plugs there is a lot to choose from.

Apparently the Ebay plugs I bought were total rubbish. I have now replaced 5 of the male ones going into the power base (one worked!) and I have replaced 2 of the females mounted in the table. I will give them a really poor review ...

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