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SFirmware arc air.


14 posts

 Update Scalextric ARC Powerbase Firmware

What is the last firmware for arc air( ios ) ?

Andy P.

1925 posts

Community Moderator

It was harder to find than I would have thought but it is here:


14 posts

Thanks. I did my update . i used firmware 1. 

Now i have 2.3 firmware.

Do you know what it change ?

Thanks again Andy.


14 posts

Good morning,

My app on ios (ipad air 2) refuse to open this morning . it close automatically. So i remove the app and install it again.

Now i have ( in french ) mon garage , and i not found the cars in person.voitures. With the first version of firmware lot of cars were already in it ? Where are they now ?

Does anyone can help me please ?

Andy P.

1925 posts

Community Moderator

I didn't even know it was localized to other languages.

I don't know what has changed. I am afraid.

Have you registered the app?

Did you try completely powering down the device (turning it completely off) and starting it again?

What about disconnecting the ARC AIR powerbase from the power and restarting ?

Désolé mais je n'ai pas recu mon ARC AIR. Il arrive la semaine prochaine et vue que les enfants ont des vacances je ne sais pas si j'arriverai à tester (s'il fait toujour 30+° on va être au piscine ;-))... Tenez-nous au courrant (en anglais) si le problème ne se resourdre pas....


271 posts

Hi jeanbart,


I've spoken to the Development team on this and the firmware version of the powerbase shouldn't have any effect on the app opening (or not in this case).


Also, your cars are actually stored in the app itself and are not saved in the powerbase or its firmware, which is why you can't find your cars after re-installing the ARC app.


As for the update itself, it helped stabilize the power performance for each lane on the powerbase.


I do hope this helps and if you're still having problems, please let me know.


14 posts


it’s been a long time that we did not play with our Scalextric set. We would like to Know which is the latest firmware ??


on arc air : we have .

app 1.5.4

firmware 2.3

hardware 1.0.1



Andy P.

1925 posts

Community Moderator

There have not been any updated to ARC AIR for some time. That should change though...

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