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SLayout Scenery


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Many collectors choose to add some scenery to their layout. If you need any help or advice for your layout please feel free to ask here.


You can also post pictures of the scenery around your layout if you'd like to show some of the work you've done.


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Nice layout and scenery! What size table is it on? 

Joe Hawkins

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Very nice layout. My garage is similar with concrete floor and breeze block wall,I found it really dusty and ended up painting the walls and floor to avoid the mess. Do you have many issues? 


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Message from Admin: Image upload failed, please use one of the two image uploaders to add pictures - it's not possible to copy and paste onto the Forum.


Also, it might be best if you add 3 - 5 images per post (and post multiple times if needed). 

Doug Horne

40 meter digital scalextric.


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Hello everyone 

I have just started with Scalextric and I have bought some lovely clean and level track from eBay  

My track is just over 100 ft. 

Any help would be very much  appreciated  

I have not finished yet so please bea with me 

Many thanks 

Yours Cindy 


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evil_jonte.   Love that Pit Lane idea. Not seen anything like it before. 

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