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SMissing bit


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ok ..... I have a factory digital Audi TT car (Not DPR with a plug)  and it does not have the little orange & black bit inside the car just before the guide.

I have 2 wires coming from the chip and 2 bits of wire on the blade.

So my question is - what does the little orange bit do and can i just solder the wires together without it in place (I assume not).

Also can that bit be bought or is it not worth the price/effort - i cannot see anything on fleabay.




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Hi Barry. That'll be what's known as a 'ferrite man' - an orange capacitor for a head and wire legs, going through a black ferrite ceramic filter. They filter out electrical interference and are particularly important on digital cars to help prevent glitches with the chip, like run-aways. The older chips, like in the Audi TT, are susceptible to such things...


You can buy the components at Pendle Slot Racing in the UK - they have packs of ten W8424 Scalextric Ferrite Ceramics Filters, plus packs of ten Pioneer 10nF Capacitors (WR200315). You'll have enough for ten ferrite men for about £10, including postage.


Then it's a case of very carefully soldering the wires to the chip onto the 'shoulders' of the man - the top of the 'legs' just under the orange 'head'. Make sure the two sides do not touch. Then slip on the ferrite filter 'body' over the legs and solder the ends of the legs to the pick-up / guide blade assembly. There should be another ferrite man on the motor you can copy. If not, one needs adding there too.


There is a superb tutorial by GregK here:


Most Scalextric cars do have ferrite men on both motor and guide, but some do not. Other brands of cars may have just a capacitor on the motor, but a full ferrite man is best fitted front and back. Thankfully, the C7005 and C7006 retro-fit chips have them factory fitted on the guide end, but not on the motor wires.


I hope that helps.

Andy Player


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Many thanks Woodcote - it does have one on the motor end, as you rightly say.


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have fixed quite a few of the digital porsche boxster and audi tt

the lead wires always break at the guide

cut off the ferry there and just solder wires back on

will run great again

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