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SMoved thread: car w/ chip sp15b not counting laps on Arc Pro

Andy P.

1937 posts

Community Moderator

Thread moved to correct sub-forum



I have bought a Arc Pro unit, and set it up. I have many cars that are chip with the chip sp15b, and those cars 

has been running on my power base c7042 without any problems at all. 


Now I wanted to use the Arc Pro, but I discovered that the same cars with same chip are not getting the laps count. 

The car and controller is correct setup with calibration and car id.


is there any way to fix this issue?


311 posts

Hopefully post #5 below helps explain the underlying issue and helps to provide a working solution... please let us know how you get on...



Andy P.

1937 posts

Community Moderator

In addition to the comments about the blade distance: What direction are the cars running?

Do they all have black guide blades?


1133 posts

That's the bottom of my Porsche 956 with an SP15B fitted into the standard oXigen & SSD-compatible chassis. The distance from rear end of the (standard) guide to the middle of the LED is 11.5mm - well within Dr_C's suggested limit of 19mm. It's been a while since I used the car on ARC Pro, but I don't remember any issues. I can test again at the weekend, if that would be helpful?


I also have three other recent cars to hand (Porsche 962, Chaparral 2E, Alfa 155) that have the oXigen & SSD-compatible chassis and the LED holes in the chassis look to be the same distance from the rear end of the guide blade. So on the basis of the distances that Dr_C has calculated, I would say that the recent cars that are marked 'oXigen & SSD-compatible' are ARC Pro compatible with a SP15B chip installed. For older chassis, it shouldn't be too much problem to fit the chip so a hole drilled for the LED is a similar distance from the rear of the guide. The semi-circular cut-out on the front of the SP15B should fit nicely around the front body post.


Of course, they need to run with a black guide as Andy says. The cars must also be set up in the app with the same colour they are linked to on the powerbase - 'the rule of three colours'.


One brand of cars that will be more difficult to chip with the SP15B for ARC Pro is NSR - especially with the triangular motor mounts - they will need an external LED to get within the suggested 19mm. And the white guide will need to be changed for a black one.

Andy Player



Many thanks for your support. 


Here red is my answers to your questions.

here you can see the direction I am using, and the distance from the blade and to the chip


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