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SNewbie question

Andy P.

1803 posts

Community Moderator

Technically and car with a digital chip will run on ARC PRO so also keep an exe out for older used digital sets with digital cars in them.

Some sellers also break up these sets so you can buy just the digital bits.

Also remember that wuthg DPR you really only need 6 chips (and maybe a spare) as you can swap the chips out in seconds.

You can get a similar experience with the retro chips by by using plugs instead of soldering the chip in directly. Not as fast as DPR but close. The only proble is the LED but if you use blue tac/hot glue to hold it but can be removed.


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Thanks Woodcote, thats really helpful.  I'll try Jadlam and look out for discounted chips.

So much for the phrase "cheap as chips" eh ?!!

Andy P.

1803 posts

Community Moderator

It is more "in for a penny in for pound" :-)

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