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SOld Scalextric set not working properly


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I have been given a very old Scalextric set for my 2 grandsons.

The set doesn't work properly - the power doesn't reach the cars all the time; the cars only travel a very short distance, if at all;

* I have cleaned the track with scotch-brite and ensured that the track pieces are correctly connected;

* I have bought 2 new cars;

* I have bought 2 new controllers.
Can anyone recommend a remedy?  I am running out of excuses to tell the grandsons (ages 3 &6)
Grateful for any solutions,

Andy P.

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Is sotch brite a metal-based scouring pad?

If so you likely have little filaments of metal all over the place including inside the cars causing short circuits.

You can try to clear things out with conmpressed air (wear a moth and nose guard because inhaling the filaments is dangerous) and use alcohol to wipe the track down.

Even if it is not metal based there are liekly fine dust/spec that are gumming things up.

Also check all the connections are OK.

In general the way forward to trouble shoot is to make the smallest oval possible and keep adding track until things fail.

Check out more top tips here.


2 posts

Scotchbrite is a plastic scouring pad.  The one I used was similar to scotchbrite but was supplied by a specialist Scalextric retailer.

I'll try your suggestions and carefully clean the track and then assemble as suggested.



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